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WP7 vs. Android for Developers. Is there a clear preference?

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September 12, 2010 5:10:54 PM

Quick question about Smartphone OS's...

I have been recently looking at a phone that is coming up, called the HD7 (HD3) which is supposedly releasing in London in a few days... so who knows if the US would get it, and how long it will take to reach us. Anyways, I have also been watching videos released recently on what WP7 has become, and I think the layout is more appealing to me than Android. I was set on the HTC EVO 4G because it looks and feels amazing, but I am tempted to wait for reviews of this HD7 thing and check it out. It's purely rumor right now, but we'll find out in a couple days.

Although, the tipping point for me is the applications...
Do developers actually prefer Android and iOS for creating applications, or is it simply because WP7 hasn't been released?
(I know previous Windows OS's for phones were garbage, I'm talking WP7)

If it is a preference rather than availability, I'm going for the EVO.

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September 13, 2010 2:46:55 AM

Well, as of April the app store for iphone counted roughly 160K apps to Android's 38K. However, I know that there are more recent numbers and both have gone up, especially Androids, which may be around 75K (not sure exactly). I'm not a developer myself, but I think that app developers head to where the potential money is. With Android's market share rising by the month, I think that we'll still continue to see Android app numbers go up. Both Android and iOS may be hit by WP7, but that remains to be seen, i.e. how well received it is by the market.
September 13, 2010 5:55:36 AM

Thanks buwish.

Well it's just nice to hear some numbers, to get an idea. Apps are what interest me, at least at first, this will be my first smartphone. If Android development keeps chuggin' along, I think I'll be plenty happy. I slightly prefer Android over iOS, so it seems I've made my decision.

I still wonder which is more... flexible and/or simple to create for. Does one have more potential, or is it simply preference?
a b Ë Android
September 13, 2010 11:04:04 PM

I'd venture a guess to say that Android is a bit easier to write apps for, especially if the iOS app store's stringent requirements/sorting process is any indication.
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