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Flagship phone suggestion

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December 20, 2010 1:51:10 PM

Hi All.

Please suggest a high-end "flagship" mobile phone.
Something like a small tablet that can make normal phone calls also.
If such a phone, does not exist, please tell me how long I need to wait or keywords I can search rumors.
What I'm looking for is something that can do 90% of my computer needs while making normal phone-calls. Then I won't need a UMPC/netbook while traveling,.

must have this:
Make normal GSM phone calls, 3-4 band.

about 800x480 res & QWERTY keyboard. large touch-screen, but can stuff in a large pocket.

"Desktop" type browser with (most) HTML5. Full flash 10.1, stream h.264 video easily, etc. Can easily load normal web-pages like Can also (slowly) load heavy flash sites like
Also can download full Skype, full MSN, full facebook, etc.

5mp camera with LED flash and simple VGA video recording. Minimal video and .jpg editing.
3x Optical zoom is better, but I think impossible for now.

Minimal "Office" applications: Text editor, spreadsheet, moble database. .PPT reader, .PDF reader, etc.

On-off line GPS street maps. Every street, every country. About as good as mobile google-maps.

Can play any dvd movie. Such as transcoding video to 480p .mp4 or h.284

mini HTML out & RCA out (with some adapter).

Tithering Internet with bluetooth.

Can play 3d games with 3d hardware acceration, at least MUCH better than Flash or Java games (like iPhone games).

Can do normal phone stuff to: directory, calculator, calandar, etc.

I'm guessing such a phone will need to be Mobile Windows 7 or Andriod.

Any ideas or rumors, please let me know,

I already have a Nokia n97 which can do most of this, but the browser part is bad enough to make me bring a netbook everyplace - and games, forget it.

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December 21, 2010 4:26:09 AM


thanks for the suggestion!

I thought I was looking for a phone that's a tablet replacement, rather than a tablet as a phone replacement.
But this seems to work making normal calls, SMS, etc.

This got me looking in a new direction. Maybe a 5 inch pad which can do all a 7" can will be out later?
December 21, 2010 4:27:06 AM

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