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November 3, 2011 3:58:53 PM

What are your wishes for the perfect dream mobile?
Join in my little fantasy of the mobile for tomorrow

I begin ;-)
I dream of an all-in-one mobile device that basically eliminates the need for a:
Road maps, GPS navigation, Pocket Camera, Laptop, Telephone, Mobile music player, Transistor Radio

To meet that, I have the following requests / demands for my dream mobile

- Ability to be slided out to a 11 inch screen
. (when not slided out, it could fit into a jacket pocket and also be handy for camera use)
- Touch Screen - capacitive is preferably
- Good to intercept touch even in outer edges
- Min. 1280 x 800 in solution with the built-in display and one could wish: 1920 x 1200 support on external monitors
- Tough scratch resistant screen

- Flash memory card must be easily replaced
- Flash memory must be off the cheap type
- The stationary memory (hard drive / flash card) must be fully controllable

- FM Radio (RDS is very preferably)
- Good sound with reasonable volume strength
- Headphone jack

- Bluetooth 3
- Wifi
- USB connector (”mini” is preferably and not micro)
- HDMI or similar output to an external monitor

- The camera must have Autofocus
- Min. 8 MP
- Focal Length in min. 35 mm
- Real Blitz which will automatically be activated in dark conditions
- Good image antishake systems
- Camcorder, recording in min. 25 fps is preferably
- Designated and separate physical camera button
- Geo-tagging

- True voice driven navigation (no acquisitions)
- Options for different route setup: Walk, Bicycle, 3 x CAR modes (Fastest, Shortest, Avoid major roads)
- Can fully draw on the mobile device's large screen resolution
....This means that the level of details are great and you can zoomed out to get a better map overview

- Plastic Cover, since metal can limit coverage.
- Fast wireless connection to a computer with the ability to remotely control basic functions on the phone from a computer

- Duel Core processor around the 1.8 GHz
- 1 GB Ram
- Slide out keyboard with full Qwerty
- Battery operation that can handle a full day of resource consumption around the 65%
- Configurable Volume buttons

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November 3, 2011 5:26:08 PM

most of what you want already exists. for an all in one device have a look at the soon to be released android superphone called the samsung nexus.

not counting hardware specs, the only things it will not do are:

-act as a fm radio, however you will be able to get internet radio
-have an 11" slide out screen (impractical if you think about it)
-have a slide out keyboard (other phones do though)
-be controlled by a computer

some people report such battery use currently. it all depends on what phone you have, how much you use it and what your settings are. if you use gps, bt and 3g all at the same time with your screen at 100% then you are going to drain it no matter what battery they put inside. well unless you want to carry around a 5 pound brick.
November 3, 2011 6:20:42 PM

Sorry but I cannot see anything impractical about a slide out screen. As i know Nokia and samsung with samsung amoled flexible screen is almost there.
Remember that the phone in daily use is not bigger than the phones now-a-days
Only when you need it you can slide out the extra space.
Very practically - particularly when you are really think about it ;-)

And remember this is just a dreams of the future
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November 4, 2011 2:55:40 AM


I begin ;-)
I dream of an all-in-one mobile device that basically eliminates the need for a:
Road maps, GPS navigation, Pocket Camera, Laptop, Telephone, Mobile music player, Transistor Radio

Uhm...practically all of that is already here. My iPhone 4S is 100% capable GPS with an app I bought called Navigon, it takes better pictures/videos then any point and shoot I've ever had (only issue is shutterspeed). Its obviosly a telephone, and can do almost everything my laptop can plus its got an ipod in it.

Realistically speaking, my dream phone would have the following:

4'' OLED Screen with 720P Res (370PPI)...Why?...perfect color accuracy, contrast, resolution, and super efficient.e
Quad Core CPU...Why?...multi-tasking
4GB of ram...Why?...lots of new apps, games, and utilities are getting very memory intensive, on top of the OS's being memory hungry with all the features, more ram cannot hurt.
Faster SSD Drive..Why...? Faster booting and opening apps. Generally more responsive.

Camera: I'd like a 10MP camera with a large lense, flash, and faster shutter speeds. Also, 1080P Video is fine, but 60FPS would be a big improvement. 30FPS just isn't enough for video where you need to change landscape even slighly faster.
Front facing camera would preferably be 720P video and 5MP shots with flash also.

A GOOD PRE-AMP: I have yet to listen to a phone with headphones that has a decent headphone amplifier. The sound sucks. I'd like the headphone amp's to be a bit better quality.

What I want is truly realistic.

PS: I'd take a 720P camera at 60FPS over a 1080P Camera at 30fps. 720P excellent resolution, but the extra 60fps would make a HUGE difference.
November 4, 2011 5:57:29 AM

My dream phone should have a laser projection keyboard, just like the animation iphone 5. Beside, it should integrate all the needed cell phone accessories in it so I don't need to buy extra.
November 7, 2011 5:25:11 AM

My dream phone is android phone. i really want to own this phone. and luckily, my brother bought is for my birthday's gift. i am so happy for that.
November 7, 2011 8:52:03 AM

Window 8/ubuntu dual boot on it with a quad core AMD APU, 4GB system RAM, proprietary micro DDR3 upgradable to 16GB. Capable of playing 1080p 3D video with mini display port output.

6 inch 1920x1080 32 bit colour electronic ink glassesless 3D, tempered glass screen, brushed aluminium case, where some area is bumpy to act as cooling surface, for even heat distribution and dispersal. Enlarged rubber rounded corner for drop protection. Dock for expansion function and extra ports (sata II, pcie 3.0, usb 3.0, lightpeak- the real one with FO not copper, gigabit LAN), and patented mechanism to clamp the phone's case for external heatsink and fan cooling, lightpeak (the real FO connection, not the slow copper Apple current have) interface to pcie 3.0 x16 physical, electrical and bandwidth for hybrid crossfire or dedicated gpu. Bios unlocked for overclocking!!

GPS, dual sim, 4G, wifi n, bluetooth 3.0, usb 3.0, multi-touch screen, dual 12MP camera with xenon and LED flash on back, x10 optical zoom, slr, Carl Zeiss, auto focus, dual 2MP, Carl Zeiss, on front + LED for taking HD 3D pictures, video and conference. Voice recognition, 3 axis motion sensor supporting tab/vibration control and auto screen orientation, ambient light sensor. Stylus pen snug into body.

64GB ssd for storage support up to 2 micro SDXC card in raid 0, 1 and 10 (major software and controller needed here to give raid support), 2.1 speaker, 4x 3.5mm audio jack supporting 7.1 HD audio. Wireless recharge and removable carbon nano tube battery.

Certified with International Protection Rating in the highest possible level in dust, liquid, impact and drop test.

I posted this on somewhere else before. But this one have some modification in it.

Totally unrealistic? I know.
November 7, 2011 9:11:17 AM

If I try to see the more realistic part of your dream Phone I will point out following point I really think are good ideas:

- Window 8/ubuntu dual boot (I like to add: Windows compatible)
- Enlarged rubber rounded corner
- Dual sim
- USB 3

I will add those point to my list of point for my dream Phone - which is almost realistic

12 MP camera - I don't think it will give you a better camera - The issue is the lens quality
November 7, 2011 9:13:35 AM

That is why I said Carl Zeiss, slr and x10 optical zoom
November 7, 2011 2:37:28 PM


while i do agree that a pull out type display would be very handy... there has to be some sort of support frame around it or its going to flop around and be useless. however, using this as a touch type device might prove tricky as it has almost no thickness. i'm not against the idea of such a device being included in phones, just that it needs to be practical.
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