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November 30, 2011 1:00:02 AM


Ive been an iPhone user for the past 3 years and I honestly got tired of using its crappy email service (Some might like it but I dont) Ive tried all kinds of email apps but after using a Blackberry Nothing the iphone offers really interests me...

So Before going for the new bold I thought why not ask the people here as they might have better suggestions ...

My Main Usage is Chatting-Emails-Facebook-Twitter Nothing else...

I would like it to have A good Keyboard (or good touch screen compared to iphone) easy to use...

So what would you suggest for a 500$-600$ budget (Must be unlocked)

From Windows-Android-Rim Not sure if there is someone else but i am open to suggestions


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a b 1 Email
November 30, 2011 11:37:40 AM

what type of email?

if just pulling a normal imap/pop3 android works fine. if you dont like stock you can download another app. if pulling gmail theres a native app that works fine. not sure about ms/e corporate based emails as i've never used them on my phone but i know there are apps.

android phones natively support facebook and twitter. i know there are a few chat apps out there as well.

if you dont like the standard touch keyboard you can download an aftermarket one on android. personally i use a model which replicates a windows keyboard. if you buy a larger phone (screen size) the buttons will be bigger and easier to use. i wasnt impressed with alot of the physical keyboard models a year ago...dont know if any are built better now or not.

i'd go for a new model dual core phone which will support android 4.0

November 30, 2011 7:00:50 PM

Well...before I start giving suggestions, may I ask what you specifically do not like about the iOS email service itself? Millions of people specifically like the iOS due to its incredibly functional yet simple and easy to use services, especially email service. Maybe if you tell me what the issue is, we may fix it or even discover that there is another issue at hand that may not necessarily be anything to do with the iOS.

However, anyway, if you so choose to leave the iOS platform and jump onto other boats, then check out the top android phones available from the three main android platform manufacturers...which is HTC, Samsung, and Motorola. So on samsung, look at some of the Galaxy S II models, on HTC check out the Rezound and Vivid, and on Motorola check the Droids like the Razr or Bionic. Those are the top dogs in android. For windows phones, HTC makes a few and I know Nokia has some interesting ones.

Out of all the phones I have tried from friends and colleagues to play with with, I think the Samsung Galaxy S II was probably the best.
December 1, 2011 6:28:34 PM

Based on what you have said, I think that the HTC sensation of the Samsung Galaxy SII.
I like HTC phones because they are fast, reliable, well made, and are beautiful.
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