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Kindle Fire or iPod Touch?

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December 1, 2011 4:49:16 PM

Hey guys
I have $300. I don't need to spend all of them right now, but I wouldn't mind.
I need to choose between the Amazon Kindle Fire and the iPod Touch. Before anyone makes a recommendation, keep in mind that I will not at any point buy anything like a yearly subscription, etc. Maybe a few dollars on apps now and then, but thats it.
Also, Kindle Fire - Maybe rooting if original interface not enjoyable, otherwise stock firmware with updates.
iPod Touch - Would get the 32GB version, have good earphones. Might root for free apps, but only after warranty expires. Obviously 4th Gen.

I have extensively read and stalked both devices, yet have been unable to make a decision. Even if I save $100 by getting the Fire, I won't be keeping it. I'll donate it to charity or something.
also, I need to decide before the 7th.

I'll be using them mainly for some playing with apps :pt1cable:  , web browsing, Youtube, email,
and other miscellaneous purpose. (Obviously songs and movies)
Also, if anyone could recommend a decent pair of headphones (Bose or skullcandy) around $40 - $60, then that would be awesome. Thanks a lot!!

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December 2, 2011 12:35:00 AM

Both can do the tasks you listed. Of course anything involving transferring data means you need a good wireless connection for either device.

The Kindle Fire's size means you cannot simply stick it in your pocket; you'll need something to carry it in. However, it's size means it is easier to read/browse/watch movies. The Touch will be more portable, but everything will look smaller. If you always have a bag with you, then size is not a big deal.

I would probably go with the Kindle Fire because I find that surfing the web and responding to posts here at THG on my Motorola Droid with a 3.7" screen to be not so enjoyable, but it is doable.
December 9, 2011 5:27:49 AM

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December 9, 2011 5:28:48 AM

Thanks a lot! ut I've decided to take the iPod Touch 32GB instead :)  I have a PC and a laptop for web browsing, etc.
December 9, 2011 6:51:02 AM

I think ipad is a smart choice for all of us and i am an ipad user.

Only if it is collapsable so that I can stick it in my jeans or pants front pocket.
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