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Durrable Android phone? Any carrier.

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March 11, 2012 1:05:31 AM

I currently have and have had an iphone 4 for the past year and a half and I'm in the market for a new phone, or at least I will be soon. My question is this; Are there any android OS phones that aren't so prone to breaking and don't feel so cheaply made? The reason I'm asking is because I've had my iphone 4 since they launched and I have stepped on it, dropped it in a bucket of water, dropped it on cement, and it has yet to break or loose functionality what-so-ever(minus a cracked screen from stepping on it). The people whom I know who have had other phones seem to have to send them in and replace them regularly. I don't really like my iphone 4, and really don't play any of the games on it. I especially hate itunes, very, very much. I just accidentally deleted my phones PURCHASED music library because I switched computers(why the f*** can't I drag and drop? Why do I NEED itunes when I have Windows Explorer?). Yes, I realize I can re-download, but it just an unnecessary hassle. So, to reiterate; Are there any well made Android, or even Blackberry or Windows phones on the market-any carrier?

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March 13, 2012 2:31:38 AM

Thanks for the G'zOne suggestion, I'll have to look into that!
And, Wow! You, sir, deserve a cookie! Maybe you should list "only dropped my cell phone once in 12 years" as one of your prominent achievements on one of the 20 dating sites which you subscribe to. Lol, no I'm kidding. If you do recall, however, my question was "can anyone suggest a phone?", not "can anyone suggest a method to avoid damaging my phone?". The reason I need a durable phone is because I work a physically rigorous job where accidents are prone to happen. Also, I'd imagine you're one of those guys who wears their phone clipped to their belt, in which case 12 years without dropping one's phone wouldn't be such a difficult feat. Thanks for the help, though!
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March 13, 2012 6:13:45 PM

No prob.

I actually put my phone in my pant's pocket. The only time I dropped my phone was way, way back in 2004 or 2005. Back then I was using a clip and I guess it did not catch when I was trying to "re-holster" my phone. Thus, it dropped on to the sidewalk.

Casio has a newer phone the will be the successor to the Commando. It's called G-Shock, but don't know when it will be released. It can supposedly survive a 10 feet drop.

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