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Getting a new phone. Need advice on adroid vs apple

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April 9, 2012 6:14:15 PM

T-mobile for my area i quite disappointing to me. Paying for 4g but only getting 2g most of the time does not sit well with me. Verizon on the other hand put all my fears to rest when they said I could get a plan with them with a student discount so I'm paying just $3 more than what I'm paying now. Now I have to make the decision between sticking with andriod OS or switch over to the apple OS.

1.) Based on the OS only which is better? Which market is better?
2.) Any phones on the andriod site you'd recommend?

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April 9, 2012 6:26:46 PM

Also one thing I should note. By default I'm a linux user. I know how incompatible android is with linux but what about the iphone? Right now I'm doing research into and thus far have mixed feelings.
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April 9, 2012 10:06:57 PM

No mobile phone would work well with Linux, but Android has a much better chance of working with it. I don't see Apple releasing iTunes for Linux anytime soon.

Apple is smoother and less buggy, but a lot more closed, you are stuck with what you see. Screen is better and more responsive with less lag than all the Android and Windows mobile phones I tried (I use a Droid X2 now from Verizon on Android).

The app market is really the same for both of those.

The Razor Maxx is a great phone, with a very good battery if you want to go for a higher-end phone. I like my X2 also and you can get it pretty cheap. The HTC parts are nice also.
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