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My cell phone keeps beeping now, keeps turning on and off, battery die

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June 7, 2012 3:00:58 PM

i got tmobile samsung galaxy s2.i had it for about 4 months. Is your battery suppose to die in around forty minutes. every time i talk for thirty five minutes with a person my battery gets to 10 percent which says power savings. if i text for fifteen minutes, it is even less. is your battery supposed to die fast. i don't have any apps running as i do check. is it supposed to die fast? does your warranty supposed to cover it?

also every time i listen to music that i have on there, i have to use speakers. at first the headphone jack was working now it doesnt work at all. its not headphone problem because my dad has same exact phone and the headphones want on his.

then i noticed that my phone starts to turn off, on a lot like the power button is stuck or something. like when i turn it off, the screen says power on/off, airplane mode, silent mode. this usually happened when i press the power button, now its doin by itself and turning itself off.

now i cant even turn on cell phone. i hear constant beepingnoices when i turn it on for a minute then it turns itself back on, with nothin on screen and the camera flashing the crap outta my phone.

remember, battery issue first, then headphone jack, then phone turnin on off, then vibrating noices.

when i went to tmobile store and explained about my battery, the person in store said sir, sir it could be anything. i wouldnt worry too much about it.

when i went to the next store because the issue wasnt resolved, the store clerk told me buddy, are u okay. do u have problems understand other people. listen to me. nothing is wrong with your phone. its the nature of your phone.

when i went to the third store, the store clerk told me i think u are a little paranoid. if i were you, i wouldnt worry about it too much. it could be anything.

when i went to the fourth tmobile store the clerk said im so sorry. this is more than my expertise.

then i went to the stores again and explained about my headphone jack situation, the people in the store said the same thing as they did for my battery situation.

and they did the same fo rthe last two issues that im having. is there somethin i could do maybe ot fix them myself or file a complaint on tmobile? i dont know what to do.

one problem turned into four problems , and now my phone makes vibrating noises as i explained earlier. feel free to give me advice here, via yahoo answers email, own email which is <address removed by moderator>

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June 7, 2012 4:47:37 PM

for starters, if you speak anything like you type then i can understand why store personnel would think you are paranoid or have some other issues. with that being said, they should still have attempted to help you with your problems.

second, dont list your email address on here or the spam-bots which happen along will find it and send you spam mail. no, they aren't affiliated with tomshardware.

without having the phone around in person and without hearing the whole story solving the problems are not as easy as you might think. i can give you my opinion on what they may be though.

the six biggest battery drains are cpu, gps, bluetooth, voice calling, screen backlighting and your antenna. if you have gps or bluetooth on, your screen settings to maximum brightness and you have a phone call while the phone receives updates via 3g/4g then i can certainly see why your phone dies in 45 minutes.

any time you are actively using the cpu your battery will go down bigtime. this includes installing programs, watching video, and some gaming.

i always keep bluetooth and gps off until the moment i want to use them. you have longer startup on gps finding its exact point on the earth but i save hours of battery time. yes even if i am not using gps in navigation, it uses alot of battery idle.

i always have my screen set to under 80% or always turn the screen off during periods of idle. during a phone call the screen might be on for the whole time but i'm not sure.

there are programs designed to save on battery use, perhaps you should try them. do not get the ones which automatically kill programs as they will restart and use more power then you save.

or perhaps your battery is faulty. you can get a $30 no-name brand battery on amazon or pay the $50+ for a brand-name in store.


did you mute your volume for the headphones? you know muting volume for headphones and general phone media volumes are two different settings correct?

perhaps the program you are using has a mute or headphone mute option.

if you are absolutely sure it is not muted and the headphones you use work on another device then perhaps the headphone port on your phone is bad and needs replacing. this might be under warranty but you will need to check.


you could have an app installed which is crashing your android os. i had a phone which restarted for no reason several times per day and a reinstall of my rom fixed this. i suppose a bad install or app could affect your headphone port as well but its a longshot.

did you root your phone? did you install a 3rd party rom to it? do you use rom-manager or titanium backup?

what are your feelings on rooting and romming a phone? i jumped ship quite awhile ago and have been running the 3rd party miui rom for almost two years now without many problems. using titanium backup and rom manager also makes for very easy reinstalls in case you screw something up!


this is probably software related. i've had phones restart several times and not display anything. i then had the same phone work fine when i restarted it 10 minutes later. technology problems are like this sometimes.

you could try starting the phone up in safe mode since i believe all galaxy phones use an unlocked bootloader. perhaps you can even install a 3rd party rom or fix your issues through the safe mode/bootloader screen.

reinstalling my rom fixed the restart issues i once had. all it takes is a small piece of bad code to screw up your phone (or computers in general).
November 14, 2012 11:03:01 PM

Hello,i would like to ask why my phone keep off and on i am charging it but it keep on and off
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December 24, 2012 1:38:11 PM

It's ironic that ssddx would take a petty potshot at someone's posts considering:

1.) Your post looks identical to that post

2.) You didn't provide any information of substance

keep your ego in check, you're not that important. Or useful.
January 11, 2013 7:11:48 PM

@ the_Man_21, Im confused. are you saying that about my post, his post?
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