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December 1, 2000 12:58:44 AM

I would like to know how to unlock the multiplier on the chip AMD TB700MHz. What do they mean by "connect the L1 bridges"?
Please tell me all the detail How
Thanks for all

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December 1, 2000 2:20:49 PM

just use a mechanical pencil to connect the L1 bridges that are open. Don't touch any other bridges.

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December 1, 2000 10:11:01 PM

Get a .5mm mechanical pencil. Color over the L1 bridges but don't let one bridge touch the other's lead.
I just recently tried this myself for the first time and it is easy and works great.
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December 1, 2000 10:20:07 PM

Find an image of the processor on the internet. Then get a 0,5MM pencil, HB. Then, connect the small dots on the upper left corner (i think). There is L1 next to them. Draw vertical lines over them, connecting each two vertically aligned dots. Make sure to draw a thick line, which may not touch the other lines!
I did the same thing this morning, and my athlon 800 is running stable at 1Ghz now. remember that your motherboard must support this multiplier setting.
But there probably is a nice tutotial somewhere on the internet!

Make sure you got some good cooling installed and increase speed in small steps... then test and benchmark, and try some more..
December 2, 2000 10:39:55 PM

hey arien, i just oc'ed my tb 800 to 950... but i'm dying to get that extra 50 Mhz

I can't seem to boot up with my multiplier on 10 and adjusting the bus doesn't work well either....

I was wondering exactly what your setup is, (voltage too pleez) .. if u don't mind sharing of course :) 

TB 800@950 on asus a7v, 9.5 x 100, GW FOP 38, voltage maxed out, supposedly 1.85 but getting slightly higher readings with asus probe, temp 33 idle..

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December 14, 2000 7:34:10 AM

OK, here is my setup, I got to 1000 too. Asus A7V. TB 800MHZ, connected the L1 bridges with a pencil. FSB 100 (4 dips ON). Multiplier 10 (dips 1,5,6 ON) Voltage default (vids 1-4 unshanged (1-2)). Bios 1005a, promise driver build 33, Via 425a 4in1. Win 98se. No sound card, network card, AGP Asus 3300, cube 128MB memory, maxtor ata100 7200rpm 20.4. Im using a majesty 5 cooler from titan, no other case at around 50C. What more can I say, only that for a while I too thought I was stuck at 950, but then I tried again and it worked...probably me just getting a jumper wrong. Hope you get there in the end.


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December 14, 2000 7:37:34 AM

Oh yeah, and don't trust anything Probe tells you..that monitor is weird. Just install the latest version, and watch reported temps increase by 10C, for no reason. I trust the bios.

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