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OC T-Bird - difference between multiplier and FSB

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August 13, 2001 11:51:49 AM


I Am new to this OC'ing business and trying to OC my T-Bird 1,33 GHz. What is the difference between changing the fsb from 133 to 150 and have a1,33@1,5 GHz and to change the multiplier from 10 to 11.5 and have 1,33@1,529 ?

It seems easier to change the fsb from Bios, than to use the multiplier where I have to unlock the L bridges with razorblades and silverpens ?
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Athlon T-Bird 1,33 GHz
Silverado NoiseControl
512 MB PC2100 ram
Asus Geforce3

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August 13, 2001 5:23:31 PM

If you change your FSB is meens that your wholo mobo is running faster, which should give better performance. The only problem is that the PCI and AGP speed also gets higher and that can couse problems with some cards.

To unlock your T-bird simply close all L1 bridges with some silver epoxie, or something like that.

I think a combination of increasing FSB and Multiplier can give the best performance and keeps the board stable.
August 13, 2001 5:45:59 PM

It would be much more difficult to make computer work (stable) at faster bus speed , because you have to speed up the m/b , ram, cards, onboard devices, e.t.c. ,when you change multiplier you speeding up only the cpu.
Changing bus speed only looks easyer, but it isn't. But the result in case of success is worth it.

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-James Hetfield
August 14, 2001 10:11:54 AM

the best (fastest and most stable) would be to push the cpus fsb up as much as possible (if you can set pci ratio to 1/5 you can push it very high!) then up the multipyer until it becomes unstable then slowly decrease the fsb until it becomes stable again... make sure you go slowly and you shouldnt be left with a piece of toast...

if in doubt blame microsoft...
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