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Pixel 2 XL vs. LG V30: Android Heavyweights Go Head-to-Head

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October 21, 2017 3:00:04 AM

Google's Pixel 2 XL and LG's V30 both tout 6-inch OLED displays and premium hardware and design. We put them head-to-head to find out which is tops.

Pixel 2 XL vs. LG V30: Android Heavyweights Go Head-to-Head : Read more

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October 21, 2017 11:32:59 AM

One of the biggest issues, one that Google *itself* made fun of when introduced by Apple, is it's lack of a headphone jack on the Pixel.

Meanwhile, LG has not only kept the headphone jack, they've added a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) which makes the audio quality noticeable better. Yet you don't mention this item at all, even after big splash that was made when the iPhone dropped it? It's a major win for LG.

Also, the video capabilities in the V30 is better than the Pixel, as is the inclusion of a dual-lens. Yet these are almost footnotes in this review. As far as aesthetics, any way you cut it the Pixel is less attractive than the V30...unless you're someone who likes the pieced-together-modular look.

How much is Google paying to have this review published?
October 21, 2017 1:37:49 PM

Wondering why the V30 battery life would be only half of the Pixel's. With so much of the same or similar hardware, especially the screen, that almost can't be true. A software bug in the V30 perhaps?
October 21, 2017 5:49:00 PM

From what I've seen on video I can't give much credibility to this battery review, half? I don't know about that.
October 22, 2017 1:58:32 PM

You missed a major issue. Pixel failed miserably on the durability test and LG passed with flying colors
October 22, 2017 10:29:57 PM

This is a completely biased review. Looks like the author knows no head or tail of android devices and functioning. Clearly he has portrayed incorrect information on V 30.

In fact the Pixel XL is factually better than its successor in all ways except the processor.

V-30 is a stunning device in a league of its own. It clearly outperforms the Pixel, Pixel 2XL, s8, s8+ and the Note 8 as well .
October 23, 2017 12:11:23 PM


I give this to the LG for being a smaller form factor, slightly lighter. Also it has a smaller top bezel. LG has a higher water/dust resistance rating.

As for the back being glass vs metal, most people seem to dislike the toy-like look of the pixel 2's, but the LG back does not look nice to me either (i prefer the all black pixel 2), but LG has a beautiful blue color back that is by far the best color i have seen (but it is not available in the US yet, if ever).

But if you are including the hardware aspects of it, as you mentioned some aspects, then the lack of wireless charging is noteworthy and gives LG the advantage. In addition to that it not only has a headphone jack, but it has a built in high quality DAC for better audio quality. The only hardware advantage the Pixel 2 has is the front facing speakers.

Another aspect was the power button, it was brought to my attention on a reddit forum that having the fingerprint sensor also be the power button allows for you to quickly lock your phone without having to reposition your hand. With the software aspect of double tap to wake/sleep I have found it better than having a separate power button. This along with the chunkier phone "feeling more traditional" is understandably a decision factor, but relearning habits to get a more efficient experience does appeal to many people.

V30 wins.


The displays are the same screens made by LG on the Pixel 2 XL and V30. The differences in saturation seem to be caused by software settings rather than physical display issues. That being said I do prefer the LG display.

V30 wins.


I have no experience with these benchmarks.



For the camera, I have read that most people prefer the Pixel 2 quality. To me color saturation seems lower, which I prefer in most situations. The front camera is 8 MP on the Pixel 2 compared to 5 MP on the V30. The rear camera is 12 MP on the Pixel 2, 16 MP + 13 MP on the V30. Pixel 2 only has one rear camera, opting for software to create the effect of depth in photos.

Pixel 2 wins on the front camera, based on preference for the rear camera.

I will give this to the Pixel 2.


I don't know how you got such a low battery time on the LG, in my use with it the battery lasted all day with constant usage, always on display, and no power saving features enabled. It has averaged at least 10 hours of standard web searching, browsing reddit, and occasional youtube videos. With daily usage I only charge it after a bit more than 24 hours (Having to sleep and not utilizing the phone for about 8 hours). Are you sure the brightness settings were correct? That's seems way too low unless you did not test a retail ready model. Online, most people are praising the long battery life of both of these phones.

I will say that the pixel 2 has PD 2.0 charging at 18W so it should charge faster than the V30 (which was supposed to support PD charging, but likely at a lower speed). But the way you presented the charging speeds did not allow for easy comparison, the spec the V30 uses is QC 3.0 which charges to 50% in 35 minutes, and Pixel uses PD 2.0 which charges to 50% in 30 minutes.

Pixel 2 wins.

Special Features

Google releases all of their new features to their Pixel line first before all other androids as well as quick OS updates. Google Lens beta, what's playing, bluetooth devices show battery percentage (previous LG phones had this, but I'm not sure if the V30 has it.

LG offers a lot of features in hardware and software: Headphone jack with built in DAC, Dual camera on rear for wide angle pictures, customization features for audio, video, and picture media on device. Floating bar that adapts to certain apps, similar to the floating google pill but with more functionality and potential.

Google is going for the minimalist UI.

This is also a preference based win. Pixel for software features, V30 for hardware features. That said considering how customizable Android OS is, replicating certain features on the Pixel 2 can be as easy as downloading an app and clicking install. And many features are on the Pixel 2 before any other android, but it is highly likely the features will get added to the next Android OS release, Oreo, so Pixel 2 is kind of like a beta testers best phone.

That said I give the overall win to the V30 for hardware as well as software special features.

V30 wins.


With the V30 you get more hardware capability, with Pixel 2 you get faster software updates. Both are major factors to the phones. The price difference does not matter as much as the features you get, so this is a tie.



The pixel 2 guaranteed updates is one of the best software features offered. Yes, the launcher on V30 is not pretty, but you ignored the LG specific software for the audio, video, and picture settings. There are many different modes and options that you can use on the V30, it also saves raw versions of each so that you can have more control over editing all your media.

In addition to that, many of the Pixel 2 specific features are part of the Android O release, so they will be coming to the V30 as well. If you are going for pure stock no customization then yes, the Pixel 2 is the best one, closest to the Apple experience of simple and functional-enough.

For good measure I will give this win to the Pixel 2.


V30: 5

Pixel 2: 5

It is best to choose on your individual preferences. In general: Software = Pixel 2, Hardware = V30
October 24, 2017 3:14:17 PM

It doesn't matter which is the best.
No duo cam (I miss my HTC One M8)
No headphone Jack
No wireless charge
No sd card
I w1ll never buy this Pixel!
October 25, 2017 11:19:00 AM

I have a V30 - the battery life is excellent. So, while Im sure the 2 XL lasts longer, this one is not the 6hr life claimed by the test. That I assure you.
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