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Laptop shuts off and restarts randomly

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March 1, 2017 8:15:26 PM

My laptop will shut itself off whenever I watch YouTube video. There would be no shutdown screen, it would just go black and restart again. I had cleaned the fan and reapplied the thermal paste. However, it didn't help.

Thanks for any help and idea!!! :) 

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March 1, 2017 8:32:00 PM

Here's the result of HW monitor

a c 795 D Laptop
March 2, 2017 2:38:11 AM

It sounds like a blue screen of death issue caused by tcpip. This has happened to me. I updated my wifi drivers and so far it has not come again. This could also be caused by your gpu drivers. Are they the new ones or the oem ones?
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March 2, 2017 8:04:09 AM

It is OEM. This evening, it shut off (and automatically restarting) after window loading screen. Can't figure out what is the main cause.

I will try update my driver and see how's the outcome. Thank you for your suggestion.
March 6, 2017 7:11:53 PM

i had the same issue , but mine is more complicated than yours , it started to happen when i changed the harddrive with a new one , but only a matter of week my laptop started shutting off and restarting (ps : my laptop is 4 yo) , at first it started while in a game , and then it became randomely , i took it to a computing care store and they said that my GPU is dying , but i had no symptons of a dying GPU as the internet said ( i checked many forums), but after a month of no use i decided to use again it on AC + battery , since then i had almost no shutting off (like once per week which is nothing compared to what it was before lol) , but tonight i smashed a key hard enough to shut the laptop down :/  , and here we go again the same thing came back which led me to post this reply seeking for a final help because i had enough and lost hope in reparing it ...

PS : no blue screen of death ever existed in my case , but someday it showed me while in booting that i had PXE error , please check your connections or something like that.
March 8, 2017 9:09:24 PM

Thank you everyone for your input. After searching high and low for the solution, I believe I have found my answer. It is discussed in this thread:

Quoted from Mickey333:
"What's happening is that certain capacitors on the motherboard that regulate the current of the CPU have started to fail. So whenever the CPU changes its clock speed or multiplier, the capacitors do not deliver the required voltage to it and the CPU malfunctions. This causes the system to reboot. Some users have fixed the issue by replacing the faulty capacitors (they are located directly behind the CPU socket on the motherboard).

Intel refers to this throttling technology as Speedstep. Windows Safe Mode seems to not use this CPU function which is why the system doesn't reboot in that mode. Disabling all the processors in Device Manager prevents normal Windows mode from using it as well. As long as the CPU doesn't use Speedstep, no spontaneous reboots will occur."
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