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Can you use Iphone 4 on Straight Talk/Net10 CDMA BYOP plan?

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July 3, 2014 12:48:13 PM

I deactivated my iphone 4 with Verizon prepaid because I want something with unlimited data, their plan cost the same as ST/Net10's but only has 500mb data. It has a clean ESN too. When I enter in the serial number on both ST and Net10's website to verify the phone will work with their CDMA BYOP program it keeps telling me "there's no coverage in my area" but that's false, I've used verizon here before and straight talk phones that use verizon towers and people have said on this very forum a couple months back they got their verizon iphone 4 working on straight talk via the BYOP CDMA plan.

Yesterday when I was googling this problem I couldn't find a concrete solution. Any questions asked about it were BEFORE the CDMA program was even instated. A couple threads on here though were necro'd months later by people who claim they had a verizon iphone working on straight talk though.

I think their website may just be funky, because, it's telling me on net10's coverage chart I only had tmobile in my town which is a lie, verizon is best here, followed by att which is pretty spotty

currently using a cheap net10 lg optimus extreme and the low res screen and lag sucks.

I basically want a good CDMA prepaid phone that uses verizon towers, att is very spotty in my rural town.

the old threads here with the people saying they were posting here via their verizon iphone 4 cdma byop on Straight Talk

"A verizon iphone 4 can in fact be used on straight talk all you have to do is purchase a CDMA network access code card from straight talk and register your phone on straight talks website as a byop CDMA I've done it with 4 of my friends iphone 4 already and I'm posting this with an iPhone 4 on straight talk right now"


"Yes you can. I called Straight Talk about this yesterday. They said the phone has to be deactivated through Verizon / clear ESN. NO SIM CARD EITHER THAT'S THE MAJOR THING. You have to buy a network access card for $14.99 at Walmart & you have to have the $45 unlimited plan.

You're welcome. "

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July 3, 2014 12:52:27 PM

why not call them yourself instead of just going on their website.
July 3, 2014 12:57:27 PM

because I can't understand them or either they can't understand me and I've hung up in frustration before. They can barely speak english and their accent is hard to understand, and I guess they can't understand my southern accent. Was wondering if the people who claimed they had an iphone 4 with verizon working on straight talk/net10 were still around
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