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Galaxy S2 (Sprint Version) with 64GB micro SD

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May 23, 2013 10:12:46 PM

Hi I'm Curious if any of you have tried using a 64GB micro SD card in a Samsung Galaxy S2 made for sprint. This is a little different than other S2's and is also known as the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (SPH-D710).

I know that the all S2's officially only support a maximum of a 32GB micro SD card but, I have read of some having success with 64GB cards as well as some not.

So, my question is have any of you had success with this phone and a 64GB card.
If so was it Sprints version and what is the brand and model/part# of the micro SD card?

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May 24, 2013 12:22:11 PM

ssddx said:
google is such a wonderful tool.....
Yes it is, and thanks for the links. but, those are some of the same links I found when I used it, along with just as many saying it didn't work.

Of course I did already post something to that effect.
I have read of some having success with 64GB cards as well as some not.
It is also true that most success stories I have heard have been with a 64Gb SanDisk card (when specified).

What goggle hasn't helped me find is whether anyone has had success with a Epic 4G Touch (SPH-D710) Galaxy S II or a faster SD card like this Samsung 64GB Class 10 UHS-1 Grade 1 70MB/s Read/20MB/s Write card.

So thanks for informing me how wonderful goggle is. Who woulda guessed? :finger:

And in all seriousness thanks for the links but, I've already gotten that far.

What I would like to hear about is anyone with personal experience with the SPH-D710 Galaxy S2 (or a link to such, providing you know how wonderful goggle is :rofl: ) and/or success with other (hopefully faster) 64GB micro SD cards as well as whether anyone has had success formatting it to NTSC (which I personally doubt).

Anyway thanks again!:D 
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May 24, 2013 5:15:49 PM

it seems confirmed that users have gotten 64gb cards to work.

edit: there is always a chance it will not work as the phone states a maximum capacity of 32gb. if its not stated as supported in the manual (its not) there is always risk. i am not saying to believe or not believe reports of it working or not working but it seems that it is definitely possible.

from what i've read it seems that the cards can only be formatted by the phone in fat formatting not ntsc or they are not recognized in the 64gb size.

read performance should be the same or similar if comparing two cards of the exact same quality regardless of class. the same should hold true for latency. the major difference between class is the "minimum" write speed. a class 2 is perfectly fine for mp3 or file storage tasks and a higher class card is only really required for photo or video. granted some cards are faster reading than others but this may be due to other factors. i've read of class 2 and class 6 cards reading at 18mbs but have also seen class 6 cards read faster than class 2 on some charts. i think it has alot to do with how the cards are built.

when transferring files to the phones sd card via a usb cable from a computer you are limited by the phones internal circuitry and i dont care if you have a class 10 card the transfer speed is going to be very slow. plugging into a card reader or using a usb thumb drive to micro sd card adapter is going to be 10x faster easy. i personally use a 16gb sd card which i believe is only class 4 and it is more than fast enough for cell phone use. file transfer speed is great (when i use a micro sd card adapter not the usb link) and photo and video performance are good enough. granted i have a droid incredible 1 which isnt exactly known for a great camera but the photos are still a decent file size and resolution however performance is similar to the class 6 card i use in my cannon digital camera.


May 25, 2013 2:36:04 AM

Thanks for the links. Two of those links were Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch owners but, only one of those two had a normal set up. Still that's one more reason to try 64GB.

The one with the normal set up also said he used a sandisk mobile card so that's definitely the safest way to go at the moment.

Every sell phone I've had since cell phones started using micro SD cards has been a Samsung and starting with that very first one, I successfully added a higher capacity card than was supported.

With that first one, I put in a 1GB micro SD card which was twice the supported amount for $44 and I remember thinking how amazing it was that they could put a whole gig in such a small form factor. Now just a few years later 64x as much only costs about $10 more in the same form factor. Now that really is amazing!

It would be nice to know if a faster Samsung card would work. My suspicion is that it would but, It would still be nice to hear some actual success stories.

Right now I use a 16GB card with a 6 speed rating and it's slower than crap when transferring large amounts of music from the PC to the card.

I have a fairly large 2TB music collection of flac files and I like to swap out all the music on my phone from time to time by removing my card and plugging it into my PC via a usb card reader and considering how slow my 16GB card is at this it would be nice to get the fastest card possible in a new 64GB card.

Since my phone now doubles as my portable music player and my cars CD changer this is something that I place a rather high priority on.

I'd rather not be the first guinea pig to try that Samsung card on a phone like mine but, that might have to be the case.

Thanks again for the links. :spamafote: 
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May 25, 2013 8:43:31 AM

finding information on a specific phone is not always easy. honestly the best place to look may be on xdadevelopers under the specific forum for the galaxy s2 epic 4g touch. you may find users there who have tried what you wanted to do. the cell phone section here does get replies but just does not see the volume of cell phone related information passing through that a dedicated cell phone website has. it doesnt help that you are using an older phone as support often shifts as quickly as new phone models come out.

nobody wants to be the guinnea pig which is why i think many people play it safe and buy the sandisk card. if people do try out a card typically they do not post online which makes it even harder to find info.

in your case i can see why you would want a faster card. you seem to be transferring quite a bit of data. by chance do you know what your file transfer speed is in mbps? also keep in mind that some adapters are not as good and using usb1 or usb2 instead of usb3 can perhaps be a factor. are you sure that it is the card and not the adapter or port?

i have some music on my phone as well and do use it to play music but i use mostly tuneinradio since i have an ipod for everything i already have in music and i get tired of listening to the same songs all the time. some new purchases on amazonmp3 i do play through the phone though but i prefer the ipods interface. the phone bluetooth link is great in the car so i can play audio without being plugged in (exept via a power cord which i'm sure you know why). i know what you mean about it being important for that purpose as i use my phone for the same thing minus having many files physically on the device.

if you still cannot find an answer anywhere... do you have any other devices which use memory cards such as a camera? if it doesnt work in your phone a class10 works great for 1080p movie shooting or a good camera. or you could always use it as a memory card with one of these adapters.

just an idea.
May 25, 2013 11:26:32 AM

ssddx said:
i do play through the phone though but i prefer the ipods interface. the phone bluetooth link is great in the car so i can play audio without being plugged in (exept via a power cord which i'm sure you know why). i know what you mean about it being important for that purpose as i use my phone for the same thing minus having many files physically on the device.
One thing I really like about the Galaxy's is that they can accept a standard 3.5mm stereo plug for playing audio on other devices. If a call comes in or you need to make one while connected this way the microphone on the phone functions the same way that it does when you are on speakerphone. This is the way I connect to audio components not Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is real handy but, would kind of negate the purpose of using flac since it's quality isn't that great. My previous Samsung phones couldn't play flac so, I either used 320 kb/s mp3 or wav. I used to have a Altec backbeat 903 headset that actually did surprisingly well with audio considering that they were Bluetooth but, they have since broken and since I'm kind of an audio snob I won't be replacing them.

I now use an app called Poweramp on my Galaxy which is an awesome little audio application that plays many formats as well as sounding great and not having to convert my flac files first is almost as big as a plus as the better quality/size flac provides. When i use headphones I usually use my Bose earbuds which also produce pretty awesome sound for earbuds. At around $100-$140 they are overpriced IMO but, my wife gave them to me as a Christmas present so if I know what's good for me I'll leave that alone. :lol:  The rest of the time I just plug into whatever audio component I'm using.

ssddx said:
if you still cannot find an answer anywhere... do you have any other devices which use memory cards such as a camera? if it doesnt work in your phone a class10 works great for 1080p movie shooting or a good camera. or you could always use it as a memory card with one of these adapters.
just an idea.

I'm not to much of a Photo geek so for the most part the 8mp camera on my phone does a fine job. The only (separate) digital camera I own is a older Kodak 1.2mp camera that will also do video and honestly it still seems pretty good to me but, I'm an audio geek not a photo geek. With this current equipment I would be hard pressed to ever need a 64GB card.

But, like you also suggested using it as a usb flash drive would be an option if the phone option doesn't pan out. Although there are better options, I've been wanting to get a larger USB flash drive for quite a while now anyway. :sol: 

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May 25, 2013 12:43:52 PM

my droid incredible 1 also supports a standard 3.5mm plug. this is how i used to listen to music at work with my audiotechnica ath-m50 studio headphones. i used to stream tuneinradio every day. i used bluetooth while in the car since it auto connects so i dont have to stop/start it every time (which was pretty darn cool). considering i was using internet radio with sources from 128 to 256kbps bluetooth was perfectly fine going to the bose speakers in my car. i have connected up via 3.5mm in the car but honestly the extra cable gets in the way.

i used poweramp for awhile and it was alright but a bit buggy. i didnt like it enough to buy it (i had the trial). i did like the equalizer function. i have since rooted and romed my phone and the stock miui player works more than well enough for me if i need to play music files. at times i also use the amazonmp3 app which is also adequate. the majority of time though is spent with tuninradio which is definitely a great app.

generally bose is overpriced garbage unless you buy the high end stuff. i think i paid only $160 for my studio headphones. haha i know what you mean about keeping your mouth shut. happy wife makes for happy life....

depending on how much the class 10 card retails for it may make for an expensive flash drive.... but its always an option if things dont pan out and is far better than just eating the cost and living with it. i personally use a microcenter branded 64gb usb 3.0 stick that i got (from microcenter of course) for $30. works great!

another option would be to use the usb stick plugged into the back of your pc for readyboost which acts like a hard drive cache. unless of course you use a ssd.

or you could always sell it on ebay, amazon or craigslist for $5-10 less than what you paid for it.
May 25, 2013 2:33:56 PM

This is my first android phone. I bought it for last Christmas when sprint was almost giving them away @ $99 for two with a $50 rebate. @ a final cost of $25 pr phone I couldn't refuse and it made a nice Christmas present for my wife. She loves to have the latest stuff even though she doesn't have a clue as to how to use the latest features and as long as no one tells her the S2 isn't the latest she will remain perfectly happy.

For me I have never felt the need to use a phone as a computer, My 3 desktops, 2 laptops and netbook all have much larger screens. I really only wanted a portable digital audio player that I could also make phone calls with :pt1cable:  and Sprint is now charging me an additional $20 pr month because I have andriod phones even though we don't even have 4g in my area.

Even though my past phones weren't andriod the last three still had a CPU and a very basic OS so I could still do many of the same things this phone does.

Although I have to say this one does it better and allot more as well. I do like the fact that my new portable digital audio player (that can make phone calls) can use apps that enable more file formats and has the capability of adding more storage space than my old one but, for me if it weren't for those two features it wouldn't be worth the extra $240 pr yr that these cost in phone bills, in spite of all the other cool stuff they do well.

As far as poweramp goes, it works perfectly on my phone. they might have improved it since you tried it, Idonno. :D 

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May 25, 2013 8:28:36 PM

ah... so you migrated from feature phones. i used to have a sideways clamshell type and then a touchscreen version before i migrated to android a little over 2 years ago. while they worked and included alot of the apps i needed such as nav, calc, and music they were pretty shitty in comparison to what android can do.

to be honest i hardly ever make phone calls. i prefer to make long calls using the home line so its doubful i use 50-100 minutes of my 450 every month. what i do use is my data plan which i am lucky enough to be grandfathered in at for $30 unlimited. i have my email alerts sent to the phone and use it as a price checker and as a way to check up on information when out and about. oh and with miui i can easily tether my phone to my laptop as a mobile 3g internet connection for free. pretty nifty.

i have an older phone than yours... im on a single core phone. it works great though so no complaints.

i hear you on the cost of cellphones. its crazy. keep an eye on your bill as i'm not sure what carrier you have but i've heard some are adding in extra charges (att is in tomshardware news right now about it) for a maintentance fee or something per month.

i havent used poweramp for at least 2 years. it probably is different by now. it wasnt necessarily bad (in fact it was rather full featured and worked very well) but i just didnt see it being worth the cost since i dont use my phone to play files most of the time (i use my ipod for that and my phone just streams from online typically)

are you still using stock android on that phone of yours?
May 26, 2013 2:54:29 PM

Yea, I was kind of forced into the migration. My Samsung Exclaim SPH-M550 was starting to have problems and even though I had full coverage on it, the replacement phone they sent me was a refurbished phone that had issues from the first day I received it.

I dealt with is for a few months and when I finally decided it needed to be replaced as well Sprint said I would need to replace it with a different phone that I didn't want.

Shortly after that the supper deal on the GS2 came about. Since the GS2 did every thing I wanted and more, it was a few days away from Christmas and my wife wanted a more up to date phone like all her Friends had, I bought them.

Don't get me wrong the GS2 is a great phone. My only issue with it is that my phone bill is now about $180 (taxes and surcharges included) for these two phones.

With the two Samsung Exclaim SPH-M550's my bill was $20 pr month cheaper. I know that doesn't sound like allot but, I already felt like I was paying too much since neither of us make many calls or use much data.

The exclaim was also a really nice phone as long as you didn't need it to be a hand held computer.
It was a dual slider with real keys so you didn't have to smudge your screen to type something. (I will never understand the popularity of touch screens, I have always believed that not having to put your greasy fingers on a screen was a good thing.) I could surf the web, Watch videos/movies/TV/, take videos and pictures, watch YouTube, get my email, use GPS, text, listen to music or audio books and my last 3 phones were "set-up" (not my first choice of words) to use phone as a modem at no extra charge.

About the only thing I couldn't do with my Exclaim was use 4G which isn't available in my area anyway!

That said, I am getting to like the GS2 more as I become more acquainted with the OS but, I doubt I will ever feel the need to use it to it's full potential.

I am also thrilled with the fact that I can now play flac files and the 3.5mm Audio out/headphone plug is great as well.

I haven't messed with the OS other than keeping everything updated (I'm using android ver. 4.0.4) and I probably wont unless it will help me in using a NTSC file system which was brought up in one of the links you posted. I have added a few Apps like PdaNet, Poweramp, Tunnelin radio, etc.

All in all. I really like this phone, just not the phone bill. Sprint may have dragged me to this upgrade kicking and screaming but, I don't think I could go back and that only becomes more true the longer I use android.

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May 26, 2013 3:35:23 PM

i used stock android (2.2 for my phone) for awhile but it had very major issues that i couldnt fix. first was all of the bloatware that came preinstalled that could not be removed. second was that verizon wanted to charge me extra to use my phone as as portable wifi for my laptop. i have unlimited data but they want to charge me $30 more (the same price as my unlimited plan) to use wifi hotspot (which is built into android but they locked it) and add 1 or 2gb of data (which i didnt need). i tried pdanet and it pretty much sucked (though i've heard recent versions are MUCH better) so i made the choice to root and rom and went with miui.

miui does take some getting used to. i installed go launcher ex to act as an icon bar and launcher since miui doesnt use one. it puts app icons on the home screens instead of having a dedicated app drawer so i fixed this issue to make it more android-like by adding the launcher. reliability is about the same as stock android was but i get free wifi tethering, a nice music player, better interface and a more enjoyable experience.

i think all of the samsung galaxy products come bare bones stock android so you havent had to deal with custom roms developed by manufactures like htc which are full of bugs.

i'm not sure about ntsc file system on rooted phones... i havent really noticed much of a difference in that regard. i do know that i needed to format the card with the phone though.

at first android phones seem like too much and that you will never need all of the features however you will soon find features that you will use all the time....

i for one love that on the unlock menu i can hold the home button and the led camera flash comes on to act as a very bright flashlight. sounds gimmicky but you wouldnt want to give me a dollar for every time i used it!

or pricechecker which lets you scan a upc code in a store and lets you know how much that item goes for on amazon..

i dont think i will ever want to go back to a non-smartphone.
May 26, 2013 5:59:11 PM

Tell me a little about miui if you would. Why it's better, how do you go about installing it, can I still use the apps that I have now, Does it have any limitations that my OS doesn't have.

You mentioned that you use portable wifi for your laptop with miui. PdaNet works fairly well now (I don't know about before) but, from what I hear, it's not as fast as using Sprints "phone as a modem" plan. Take that for what it's worth as it could just be sprint propaganda but, it sounds about right though. Is the way you do it with miui just as fast or as good or for that matter, the same as the carriers way.

I'm new to this android stuff but, as long as I'm going to learn it I might as well learn the best OS or UI. Which brings up my last question: Is miui just a UI like the name suggests or is it more like a different OS.

a b Ô Samsung
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May 26, 2013 7:10:35 PM

it would be far easier to describe such things via a short irc session. i can host one on freenode if you want (it has a webirc free client) so let me know.

you have an android phone. all roms are based on android but have modified code for extra features. they are similar but different at the same time. there are quite a large selection of different roms available but the most popular and roms with the largest backing right now are cyanogenmod and miui. cg is not a bad rom at all (i used it for a bit) but it wasnt really my cup of tea. miui was more my style so i stuck with it. i also like the features better.

since it is just a different flavor of android you can use all of the same apps you use now. since it is not a stock rom (stock android) there may be some minor bugs which need to be worked out between versions so you may want to watch out for that but in general i've had very little issues so far and miui has a large following to resolve issues.

when i used pdanet it did not have support for secure websites (such as email) which is why i avoided it. miui in essence ties your laptop directly to the phones internet connection. there are minor issues here and there (often reconnecting to the phone wifi fixes them) but it works good. i have never used the "carriers wifi plan" but essentially since miui uses the same wifi capability as stock android (but it is not locked down) i would think it should have similar speed. more often than not i am limited by slow network speeds (when have i EVER gotten 3g speed... its pathetic).

i will definitely not say it is the best os version or ui as that is a personal choice however i can say that i do like miui but only if i use golauncherex (free) with it since it doesnt have a launcher. those two paired make a very nice setup.

installing another rom is also completely reversable but there are some precautions you should take .

as i said before i can probably explain things better in a short irc session. it seems our time zones arent too different so its doable.

May 27, 2013 8:27:58 AM

ssddx said:
it would be far easier to describe such things via a short irc session. i can host one on freenode if you want (it has a webirc free client) so let me know.

That would probably be more than I need right now but, thanks anyway.

I really was just looking for the short answer on those questions since even though you didn't think I new how to use Google:lol: , you do seem well informed.

I had also just checked out miui and it appears many people like it over other roms. Some YouTube vid's were comparing them and miui seems to be the most responsive.

The first thing I need to do is root my phone since I haven't even done that yet. I was also just checking out GO Launcher EX which also seems to offer allot more options.

All these extra options that MIUI and GO Launcher EX seem a little daunting when I have a ways to go before I even know how to use the ones I already have.

They indeed both seem like good options but I'm beginning to think that I should spend a little more time familiarizing myself with my android the way it is before I go getting lost in a bunch of new stuff. What do you think?

It's not that I have a hard time picking this stuff up, I don't. It's just that I haven't really invested any time in it except for the few things that I already had the most interest in.

I know that this has gotten a little off topic and I do appreciate you hanging in there, you have opened me eye's to numerous other possibilities.


Best solution

a b Ô Samsung
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May 27, 2013 11:02:31 AM

short answers are fine and dandy if you want to do the footwork yourself but listening to the long answers can save you time, frustration and perhaps accidentally bricking your phone. back when i was looking for information it was very hard to find a clear cut answer and i went into things rather blind. i tried to get some answers from various sources but came up empty.

rooting your phone normally isnt a huge deal as there are programs out there which automate the process. the bigger issue is installing a custom rom. i will bold and highlight this next part since it is extremely important and worth heeding.

once rooted and before you decide to install a custom rom make sure you download rom manager and titanium backup. you want to do a full backup of your current stock rom and programs onto your flash memory stick. i would also put a copy of this on your internal memory. when you download a rom make sure you put the zip on your internal memory and keep it there permanently. in the case of a total system crash where the rom corrupts (very rare but it happened to me once) you can restore the rom by having the file on the device. in case you did not have the file on the device you can potentially be SOL. also dont forget to save your contacts as a file and put it on your sdcard or you can lose them when upgrading to a different rom.

that is not meant to scare you. i just wanted to make it clear that you kept the files in the correct place in case of a bad issue arising. honestly miui has been more stable than the htc sense my phone came with. when you get the new rom installed install rom manager and titanium backup first. you can restore apps but i would suggest installing them from market instead and restoring using TB. you can then use TB to restore the program data (not the program but any saved data you had).

again, dont be scared from my overly bold and highlighted warning above. i just wanted to make things perfectly clear.


miui and cyanogen are the most popular. there are other good roms but there just isnt the support base that these two get. i tried cyanogen and it was nice but it didnt add the features that miui did.

golauncherex isnt the only launcher program and you may like others such as adw launcher more however i prefer it over those other ones.

there are a bunch of options added but it really isnt all that confusing once you sit down and play with the phone for a few hours. it still handles like stock android for the most part. keep in mind that i am only speaking for 2.3 as compared to 2.3 android. i havent had much experience with android 4.0.

familiarizing yourself with android isnt a bad idea however realize that things such as where things are in the menu will change when swapping to ao different rom. it may almost be better to just learn the basics and then use a rom from the get go. in a few hours you can get everything set up how you like it. most of the time i spent trying to optimize my phone desktop to how i liked things. i started out by using many different screens but ultimately i settled for 1 single screen in miui since i dont like scrolling back and forth looking for an app and i think having all of the crap on the desktop is cluttered. i tend to like minimalist designs.

here are a few photos which i will describe below...

images are labeled left to right 1-7 and bottom row 8-14

you may want to go to and click raw image to see the full sized image. its easier to read!

1. screenshot showing what minimalistic text can do for minimalist home screen. not my photo it is on the minimalistic text page in the store.
2. same as above
3. same as above
4. miui top bar pull down menu. look at all the easy to use and access commands. (current)
5. golauncher ex app drawer with 3d effect.
6. golauncher ex app drawer with transparency effect.
7. miui text messenger. a little strange looking but works good.
8. an older theme i used showing the golauncherex bottom launcher bar, a nice clock and weather app i found as well as icons on the right which open up into folders where i put apps in with folder organizer. everything was at my fingertips while keeping a minimalist design.
9. another older theme i used showing golauncherex, minimalistic text as a clock and weather app, a daily planner app and minimalist text icons linked to folders for easy app organization.
10. this is my current minimalist theme. i got rid of almost everything on my screen yet still have easy access to many apps using just golauncher. i will explain below in the launcher bar section.
11. the go launcher lockscreen. you can also have music controls displayed as well.
12. miui settings
13. go launcher settings
14. flashlight app. in miui with the lockscreen on you can press and hold the home key to act like a flashlight. you can also access this from the app drawer or by the top drop down menu.

note about launcher bar:

all icons in the launcher bar support swipe up commands meaning that one action can be set for on press and another action can be set for swipe up. this means that one icon can be two commands depending on how you press it. the icon bar can also be scrolled left and right like the homescreen windows can be so you can have 2 other sets of 5 icons. in total this gives you access to 30 apps while taking up about 6% total screen real estate. quite nifty!

here is how i have it set up from left to right... -- is the swipe up command.

phone call
--contact list
--photo gallery
app drawer
text messenger
internet browser
--google store

in general everything i need to access instantly. i could have other programs set to the other 10 slots but i just go into app drawer right now to get them.

i change how i acces everything and how things are setup when i flip flop how my home screens look. the amazing thing is that i've had my homescreen set like this for a year without changing it which is definitely odd considering i was changing it about every 2 months previously.


does this give you a good insight onto what miui+glex can look and act like?

i still would suggest hearing everything out as it is easier for me to explain things in real time since i can answer questions easier that way.

your choice though of course.

May 27, 2013 11:50:06 AM

Wow, that is allot of useful info THX! Even though I didn't get all the answers I was looking for when I originally posted the first question you have still been very helpful not to mention that you are the only one that replied and I appreciate that.

So you have the best answer but, if I pick the best answer now mousemonkey is likely to close the thread so, I'm going to leave that open for a few days in case I need to post back.

And thanks again, you are probably the most helpful person I have encountered on Toms to date!
a b Ô Samsung
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May 27, 2013 12:09:03 PM

this subsection of the forum is dead. too many "lost my phone" and "free cell phone unlock" type threads to bother checking this section often. its a complete fluke that i happened to check it and spot your thread.

i vary the amount of effort i take in answering a post based on the effort an enthusiams shown by the op. the more information i get, the more information i give typically. i just about give up when i get a one line "my pc wont turn on" type thread.

i am actually quite suprised you didnt comment on the photos i attached. here i was expecting a "whats with the photo of japan and the kiddie background" or something similar. dont tell me you find my choice of homescreen actually normal!
May 28, 2013 8:15:18 PM

Sorry for getting back to you late. Yesterday was pretty busy. If your in the US I hope you had a good Memorial day!

Judging from your responses to me I must have shown great enthusiasm but, I know what you mean. I some times get annoyed when I invest a fair amount of time to help someone and I don't even get a response or a thank you, let alone a BA which, although it's not that important to me, it does let me know that my effort was appreciated.

As far as your screenshots, the anime doesn't surprise me, lots of people like it and the cute Asian girl on the white piano, what's not to like! I find Asian girls very attractive anyway. My wife is Asian.

She's from the Philippines to be exact but, i don't discriminate before her there was a Chinese girl. So what is up with Japan? I didn't give it much thought before but, since you mentioned it?

Anyway tomorrow I will be leaving for about one month so I've decided to not mess with my phone until I come back.

Since I'm leaving I'll just give your well deserved BA now and as long as mousemonkey doesn't close this thread I'll let you know how everything went with the new rom install after I get back.

Thanks for all the help. If the thread does get closed, I'll PM you with positive results (I hope). I'll still be around toms while I'm gone, I just don't want to take a chance of bricking my phone before I leave.

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May 28, 2013 10:35:47 PM

not sure i would call that enthusiasm but at least you showed interest. you went out of your way to be pretty informative and descriptive in your answers and discussions which is why i did the same. honestly in the first few posts i thought you were going to be a prick but i was happily mistaken. i'm sure you thought i was a smartass but hey... we all have personality flaws and since nobody ever seems to use google on here i felt i needed to provide some links.

while i am really quite far from being otaku i definitely am an avid anime fan. i've done car, girl and pet backgrounds to death so decided on something else completely different and that one stuck. a bit cutesy i suppose but its a chibi form from one of my favorite series tenjo tenge. if you think that is bad you should hear my ringtone.... click here if you dare. nothing offensive of course but you should see the looks i get when it goes off! listen to a good 40 seconds of it and you will get the idea haha. horrible..... i know! but at least its unique and i know its my phone going off.

that girl on the piano is ayumi hamasaki which is the asian equivalent of madonna in terms of popularity. her songs are actually quite good even if you dont understand japanese and the background was a tribute to that. she isnt bad looking either but that wasnt the reason i picked it... entirely. finding cds for cheap though is a problem.

the background with a black and white japan and japanese time zone was used the month before i took my trip to tokyo and while i was on vacation for 2 weeks. as for why i went besides being an anime fan (akihabara is a must see) i also do like japanese culture, ettiquette and architecture. there were some very nice sights over there and most everyone was very nice and understanding. over here in america most people arent worth the air they breath so it was a breath of fresh air over there (pun intended). i definitely recommend it and want to go back for a return trip when time and budget allow! i didnt get a chance to see/climb mount fuji or take a few day trips outside the city but perhaps next time. the flight there is a real killer though.

if you have any questions when you get back and start messing with the phone go ahead and pm with with questions. i wouldnt call myself an android guru by far but i've done enough experimenting to be better than the average bear. i would suggest saving this thread link though as it would save alot of confusion if you pm me in a month and i forget about this post. honestly i cant remember all of the posts i answer all the time without something sparking my memory...
May 29, 2013 1:34:33 AM

Ayumi Hamasaki certainty is cute but, I'm not into dance music too much however I'm nuts about this one dance song And also She's French and there are French versions as well. I don't think this song got much air play in the US because I had never heard it until I stumbled across it on YouTube but, Ayumi Hamasaki is still prettier.

I used to have this song as my ringtone: that tended to cause to much panic when driving with someone so I changed it to this : The main purpose in my song choice is to have something distinctive and rousing enough to hear and know it's my phone. Plus I do like the Black Crows.

Sorry you thought I was a d__k at first but yea, I have to admit I was a little insulted by your goggle comment however since you were also trying to be somewhat helpful my "finger smilie" was followed by a nicer smilie in the end.

When you followed with a more helpful post and put a "finger smilie" at the end that really cracked me up and all was good from then on. I'm still not sure why I found that funny. Maybe I just have a warped sense of humor.

As far as your enthusiasm with Japan goes, my niece went there on deployment with the Navy (she's a nurse) and she loved it so much she didn't want to leave. She says it's very nice, so I get that to.

I find it kind of amazing that after all of the horrible things they did during WW2 and then us dropping two nukes on major cities full of men, women and children, that we even talk to each other let alone that we are quite friendly towards each other.

It gives me hope for humanity. Maybe we can learn from that and we aren't all doomed. We'll see. :spamafote: 
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May 29, 2013 7:31:36 AM

just a fyi... ayumi doesnt just do dance music. she also has some slow country type songs and also pop type songs. anything she does with dance is typically lableyed ayumi-mix. she has done a bit of everything i believe. i do like dance, dubstep, electronica and think here stuff is very nice (its normally rehashes of her originals) but i think her original songs are also very well done. that link you provided is kind of catchy as well.

lol i dont see whats wrong with your first choice. or your second choice for that matter. while i'm not a huge fan of either they arent bad! the trouble with my ringtone is that asian singers typically sound like they are much much younger than they are and people think i'm some kind of pedophile or something strange like that! its like i have kids bop as my ringtone but that really is not the case! not that i care what other people think but you know..

originally i thought you were posting without having looked any information up which is 99.99999% the case in such posts so i provided some google links and a sarcastic remark. i know i really shouldnt have but i just didnt feel like looking anything up for someone that looked like they arent really trying. again, happy to say that i was sadly mistaken and i'm sure its really no big deal. when i provided links tailored to your actual phone you will see my right back at you finger at the end... i was going to make a big deal of it but realized that i was kinda a prick too so i didnt.

actually that was sort of a... you said F me? F you type response with the finger smiley but after you responded i think everything was good after that. haha.

yeah i know.... dont get me wrong there are some problems with the country (all countries have issues) but at least for a vacation hotspot it was great. LOL and with me liking asian women, music, technology and anime its like going to heaven. honestly i didnt want to come back either!

look at how this post started. not really on good terms and yet it ended well. both acts commited were horrible however that is the essence of war. a countries citizens are not responsible for the war only a few handful of men so blaming an entire country is pointless. of course there are always going to be people who feel otherwise. haha true that it does give SOME home for humanity but every time i hear about a 14 year old girl walking into an open manhole while texting on the phone i think humanity is doomed.

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