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HTC one or PMP ( Sony NWZ-F806)

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March 22, 2013 6:55:48 AM

so I have been thinking of getting a PMP lately primarily for listening to music while jogging and doing sport and 2ndry for watching videos and movies on the go, I was fixed on this idea until I saw the HTC one, which seems to be a pretty decent piece of multimedia phone with its speakers, quad core and 1080p display, and since my smartphone is a bit sluggish and is not adequate enough to watch videos smoothly ( htc desire z ) so I thought perhaps I should get the HTC one and forget about all the PMP thing, since am going to do sport with a Bluetooth headset anyway so it wouldn`t matter what source I use, and it would be more convenience to have all my stuff in one place. but my concerns are as following.
1- sound quality: sony claims that the NWZ-F806 has a hi-fi audio quality, would it be much of a difference between the HTC one, maybe slightly better?
2- battery life: the htc one seems to sport 8 hours of video playback which is pretty decent for a smartphone, so my phone battery won`t be drained when watching videos and listening while doing sport.
3- screen size: obviously the HTC one has a superior screen and is much bigger, so its more convenient to watch movies on it to browse the internet.

its kinda confusing, since the sony walkman is not cheap its currently 280$ on amazon and the htc one seems to cost 700$ USD equivilant in UK, so my only concern about the phone is its sound quality over headphones either wireless or through 3.5jack.

I would really appreciate any ideas.

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April 26, 2013 12:47:27 AM

Everything below is my humble opinion. Please take it with a pinch of salt.

The HTC One has awesome sound quality both over speakers and the 3.5 jack.

And unless you are an audiophile with a pair of Earsonics SM3 and the ability to distinguish FLACS and 320kbps MP3's, the sound clarity difference between both will be difficult to discern.

And don't try wireless. They don't offer good music. Unless they are a Sennheiser RS 220. :D 
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