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February 10, 2013 4:29:12 PM

So I was wondering if anyone knew how pricing works within the mobile phone market. I'm in the UK so things may well work differently but I wouldn't expect it to be too different.

I was mainly wondering when and how phones dropped down the price structure. So for instance with a big show coming up in February (MWC) why are there no big sales trying to shift the older stock before the latest and greatest get released ?

I'm looking for a mid range upgrade but was wondering, if I hold on should prices shift after the trade show and the new phones get released ? Or do phones basically stay where they are price wise until they get discontinued by the manufacturer ?

Thanks in advance

Mactronix :) 

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February 12, 2013 6:54:15 PM

The price structure does work the way you described to a point. Whatever phone come out as new they are set in the top tier of the price structure and the various models whether high end or mid range will be at the top and the phones that were at the top previously will start to fall in price. The more phones that are released the futher the previous phone will fall. It will then become available for rebates and the free option with a 2 year plan which you don't see with the newest phones.
If you choose the wait and see option then a one or two year wait willget you a sizeable discount and maybe even a free option depending on the model.
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