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How to block private numbers from callin your cellphone

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March 6, 2013 7:27:59 AM

how to block private calls on my phone

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March 8, 2013 4:22:09 PM

You will have to contact your cell phone service provider and ask them if there is something that can be done .
March 9, 2013 4:01:05 AM

Or there's an app for that.
Root Call blocker pro.

Needs root obviously.
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April 4, 2013 9:40:59 AM

I just struggled for 2 days with this. I have been receiving a robot call labeled as Unknown or Blocked every 3-5 mins for 3 days. The wireless carriers are no help as they are unable to block any call that does not have a number associated with it. The only option they give is to change your cell number. Here are the options I tried and what I finally settled on:

1) Use the phone to reject all calls with Unknown caller. On Android, that's Call Settings->Call rejection->Auto reject list and select the "Unknown" option. The problem with this solution is calls go to voice mail. That may work for you, but in my case, the robot dialer would leave 15 seconds of random noise so my inbox would fill up within a few hours.
2) Google Voice. GV has the option to handle groups of dialers well. Forwarded my phone to my GV number. They have an ability to block certain callers and have their calls go off to oblivion. Here's the problem with robot callers though. Personal phone lines seem to have a unique ID associated with them even when they are blocking their caller ID (e.g. *67). I was able to mark my home phone number as spam even when I was blocking it's caller ID through *67. But the robot callers seem to use random unique ID's. So while I seemed to be able to mark some calls as spam, i was still getting flooded with voice mails. GV does not yet have the ability to send all Unknown callers into any kind of "this number has been disconnected setting". It only does this for numbers you've been able to mark as spam. So flood of GV voice mails. Also, forwarding your cell phone to GV means you no longer can really use your cell phone number for inbound calls. GV won't loop forwarded calls back to your cell phone. You could port your cell phone number to GV if you were desperate, but that's a nuclear type option for most people. It disconnects your cell service when you do this and you have to go back to the cell company to set up a new service.
3) Call blockers - I tried Android options like Call Blocker & Call Control. All of these call blocking apps are pretty cool, just not for my problem (persistent robot calls). With these apps, you can put people on block lists so they go to voicemail directly. Or they even have options where they answer the call but immediately hang up. The latter option is slick because it doesn't flood your voicemail box. I can see if you had a lot of prank calls, or ex girl/boy friends, etc harassing you, that these would be useful. For me though, I just need to drain off robot dialers gone wild. I was also concerned about battery life. If my cell phone is answering the phone every 3-5 mins, 24 hrs a day, I'll lose too much juice.
4) YouMail!!! I finally found an app that seems to work for me. YouMail is a visual voice mail app. It takes over your default voice mail system (AT&T in my case). It offers all kinds of options for how to respond with custom greetings to different groups of people (e.g. work vs. personal). But the option of glory for my situation was for Unknown callers. You can set it up to send all Unknown dialers the "this number has been disconnected" tones and greeting. You can also set it to not accept voice mail for this group. I was hoping this robot dialer would go away based on the 3-tones of "this number..." as many robot dialing systems are simply hunting for live phone numbers. In my case they are still calling, but at least no voice mail inbox flood is occurring. The settings that work best for me are to use the reject unknown callers from option 1 above on the cell phone, then in YouMail, hit the "Greetings" icon, select "Special Callers" from the option menu. You'll see "No Caller ID" and "Blocked Caller ID" settings groups. Set both to play the "Blocked Unknown rejection" or "Number out of service" greetings with the Behavior option set to "Play the greeting and hang up on the caller". Voila.

Hope this helps. I feel your pain.
April 9, 2013 12:25:57 AM

There are two method to solve this problem.
First one is to get help from mobile service provider for block the call.
Second one is to screen the number on screen list. You can easily rid from this problem.
April 9, 2013 12:40:48 AM

If your phone is android there's an app for it. I think it's SMS pro or something. That blocks someone.
April 12, 2013 11:50:25 AM

Alexsmith0345 said:
There are two method to solve this problem.
First one is to get help from mobile service provider for block the call.
Second one is to screen the number on screen list. You can easily rid from this problem.

Mobile service providers actually cannot block callers that come in with "Unknown" or "Blocked Number". I've tried (USA). Their solution (AT&T) is to give you a new phone number. They also offered I call the local police. They are only able to block calls with caller ID.
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