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Front panel Audio Problems

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June 5, 2011 1:39:29 PM

OK, this is an annoying problem that I can't find a solution too, I built a computer and everything was working perfectly but around 3 weeks I had a peculiar problem. My computer constanly thinks there is a speaker plugged into the front audio port, I unplug my head phones and it still says that their is a speaker plugged up. This itself doesn't represent that big of a problem but when I need to switch the audio from my desktop speakers to the head phones, or back for that matter I have to go into the control panel open realtech audio manager and recalibrate it, EVERY SINGLE TIME!.

If this is a real derp moment and someone can answer this question it would be much appreciated.

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June 6, 2011 6:27:03 AM

unplug the front audio panel connectors to see if the problem goes away.
maybe you dont have the connections right.
maybe the connectors themselves are bad.
maybe the wires are touching somewhere.

i would remove those front panel connectors first before posting to see if the problem goes away.. and it should actually.
because if it doesnt, then you have a more serious problem with the realtek soundcard.
(maybe it is a software problem.. but rational guess would say it is a hardware problem since the drivers are working for thousands of people without problem)
June 6, 2011 1:35:58 PM

Ok, I'll try that again, when I first had the prblem that was my first guess but it persisted. I am now thinking it was my case; the Antec 300 Illusion but since it is a highly regarded case I am still confused.

*opens case to check cables*
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June 6, 2011 1:59:36 PM

checked cables, and inputs, the only one not working is the only front audio speaker port, my microphone port on the front panel works fine but not the speaker port. Like I said though when I first bought the case the front speaker port was a little "stiff". When I was plugging in my headphones maybe a small connector broke inside? After all, what do you expect with a $60 case?

Best solution

June 7, 2011 3:44:49 AM

it is possible that something broke or bent.

if you really want to know if it is the connector on the front of the case, you should get some 3.5mm connector with some cord attached to it (you can buy these or cut something old)
sometimes you will find only mono wires, so if you want to check both left and right .. you'll need a stereo wire with a stereo connector.

you plug in the cord and put one probe on the wire coming from the 3.5mm cord.
then you can put the other probe on the connector in the backside of the case.
you could connect your audio connectors and put the probe onto the metal of the other end of that cord that usually plugs into the soundcard or motherboard somewhere.

i dont know if the cable that goes from the front audio panel to the motherboard is sealed with molded plastic or if there are header pins with a removeable connector.
either way.. you will put one probe on each end with the multimeter dial set on the ohms setting.

if you dont have a multimeter, you can get a cheap analog one from a local store.
usually these wont tell you what ohm it is, but if there is a connection .. the needle will jump all the way to the other side to give a clear notification that it is working.

if the front panel comes back as working.. then you might want to look inside the connector to see if any of the pins/connectors are bent/loose.

you should have your problem narrowed down to the culprit real soon this way.
those analog multimeters are only like $10 - $12 (maybe $14)
they come in handy for other things too.
bad connections are only one thing.. a battery tester helps, and so does reading voltage.

to help you not feel so bad, maybe the cord that goes from the motherboard to the front audio panel is degrading some of the audio quality?
and maybe it is better that you use the rear of the soundcard since it is closer to the actual outputs.
June 8, 2011 4:57:12 AM

well, there are only two problems I could be having the case is flawed or my motherboard (integrated graphics) are flawed. So when I get the chance I guess I'll try your trick, especially since its so cheap and see what the results are, but I'm willing to bet its the case though.

thanks for the help!
June 8, 2011 4:57:38 AM

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