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Realtek HD Audio Manager HELP!!

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February 5, 2009 6:18:23 PM

Ok, so heres what happened.

I was listening to music through my headphones which were plugged into the hd output jack, which works. It always has. Then i decided to pull it out. When i did however, the music didnt play through the built in laptop speakers. So i decided to put the jack back in to see what the problem was. BUT ACCIDENTALLY I put the jack into the friggen USB slot which was O SO CLOSE to it... THen my computer just shut down. I dont mean like shut down as in shut down, I mean shut down as in BAMM!! shut down. Instant black screen. Scared me to death. AND it wouldn't turn back on!! So after many tries I decided to pull out the battery and reinsert it. That did the trick. But when it turned back on i realized that there was no sound coming from the speakers. And when i checked my Realtek HD Audio Manager it shows that my HD jack is plugged in when it's not. And also in the sound properties I only see Realtek HD Audio Output, which I'm not sure if it has always been like that? But i thought laptop speakers would be like digital audio output or w.e. I never really noticed it. So now im so screwed. THere is sound from my headphones if i plug them into the hd audio output jack but no sound from my laptop speakers. ARGHh! I've been searching everywhere on google but got nothing....

SO Please Help

I'm Dying Here

Thanks :) 

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a b D Laptop
February 6, 2009 12:24:52 AM

You shorted out the motherboard - likely damaged the audio circuitry. It's pretty much a lost cause. I would boot from a linux live cd to see if the audio is truly dead under another OS. Other than that, there's nothing you can do aside from replacing the motherboard.
February 6, 2009 4:03:03 AM

Thanks for your response. I've just installed vista and the sound works fine on that. But when i reinstalled XP again after formatting the harddrive I get the same problem? So I'm pretty confused, if it was a software problem, the format should have taken care of it, but if it was a hardware problem, installing vista shouldnt have made it work..

So confused :??: 
a b D Laptop
February 6, 2009 4:05:47 PM

It's a tough call. We don't exactly know what was damaged. Unless you need XP for something, I'd say just use Vista and live happy with sound. Vista is a good OS, now.
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