Face ID and Attention Guide for iPhone X

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In addition to merely capturing selfies or allowing you to make video calls, the presence of TrueDepth front camera also makes your iPhone X eligible for Attention Aware Systems.
TrueDepth camera in your iPhone X can scan, analyze, and recognize more than 30,000 invisible points on your face, and uses the data to personalize your phone, thus making it more like your personal assistant.
Attention Aware Systems?
Attention Aware Systems rely primarily on the TrueDepth camera to make your iPhone X more convenient and user-friendly to use while keeping it more secure, accurate, and reliable at the same time. The two TrueDepth camera-driven Attention Aware Systems are:
  1. Attention Aware Recognition
  2. Attention Aware Features

  • Both the Attention Aware Systems are enabled in your iPhone X by default.
    Attention Aware Recognition
    With the Attention Aware Recognition system enabled, your iPhone X can be unlocked using your Face ID only when you’re looking directly at its screen.
    However, this feature is customizable, i.e. if you want, you can disable Attention Aware Recognition in your iPhone X. When disabled, the phone can be unlocked with your Face ID as long as it is in front of your face, even if you’re not looking at its screen.
    Although not recommended, here’s how you can disable Attention Aware Recognition on your iPhone X:
    1. Pass the Face ID & Passcode security check
      Tap Settings > Face ID & Passcode. This prompts you to enter your passcode before you can access the Face ID & Passcode window. You are prompted for the passcode if you have already enabled Face ID and passcode (or only passcode) in your iPhone X.

    2. Get to the Face ID & Passcode window
      Type your passcode when prompted. This opens the Face ID & Passcode window from where you can manage the security settings of your iPhone X.

    3. Disable Attention Aware Recognition

  • Tap to disable the Require Attention for Face ID toggle button from under the ATTENTION section, and tap OK when prompted. When disabled, your iPhone X can be unlocked with your Face ID even when you’re not looking at the screen.

    Note: Nevertheless, your iPhone X must be placed in front of your face in order to unlock it using Face ID.
    Note: Disabling Require Attention for Face ID in your iPhone X can decrease the strength of its security and make it vulnerable to risks.
    Attention Aware Features
    Attention Aware Features is an option in your iPhone X which when enabled, detects when you’re looking at the phone’s screen and does the following:
    1. Keeps your iPhone X from dimming the display brightness.
    2. Keeps the ringer volume low.

  • As it is with the Require Attention for Face ID option, Attention Aware Features can also be disabled in your iPhone X.
    Here’s how you can disable Attention Aware Features in your iPhone:
    1. Get to the Face ID & Passcode window
      Use the method given above to get to the Face ID & Passcode window. This window lets you turn off or on the Attention Aware Features as well.
    2. Disable Attention Aware Features

  • Tap to disable the Attention Aware Features toggle button. This makes your iPhone X behave normally even if you’re looking at its screen.

    Note: Unlike Require Attention for Face ID, disabling Attention Aware Features doesn’t put your iPhone X’s security at risk. However, keeping the option enabled makes your phone more convenient and comfortable to use.
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