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One big fatass jumbo pack today... ALL WORLD AT WAR MAPS IN ONE GUIDE. I dont have words, but I have too or its 3 extra individual guides. Only waw though, yes Bo1 and 3 are different... Okay maybe not Verruckt, all three are hard as hell, okay maybe not BO3, banks and gobblegums fuck up all the maps... Anyway, on to the first guide, Nacht der untoten, round 1-2 train in starting room, 3 buy help door, also stairs, buy box until you get flamethrower do tap strategy and buy the double barrel shotgun, thats it, just camp in corner. That was Nacht, basically on Verruckt, its the same thing, but do kitchen strat also replace flamethrower with ray gun,Get perks too. Same with shang, but replace ray gun with wunderwaffe dg 2 and train in flogger arereplace waff with ppsh on der riese and camp on catwalk, also pap. I wouldve done a hella long explanation, but WaW maps are too basic for that. Bye guys, another will be uploaded soon.
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