How to Use Reachability in iPhone X

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Reachability in your iPhone helps you bring any window down so its top section can come to the middle of the screen. This lets you access the upper area of the window easily.
However, due to the absence of the Home button in iPhone X, it works differently for many functions, and Reachability is among one of them.
Where in earlier models of iPhone you could double-tap the Home button to get the top of the opened window to the middle of the screen, there’s a different way to get this done in iPhone X.
Here’s how:
Turn On Reachability
  1. Get to the Accessibility window
    Tap Settings > General > Accessibility. This takes you to the Accessibility window that has several options to enable or disable to make your iPhone X experience smooth and comfortable.

  2. Enable Reachability

  • Tap to enable the Reachability toggle button. This enables the Reachability feature in your iPhone X.

    Use Reachability in iPhone X
    1. Get to your preferred window
      Open the window you want to use Reachability with. If you are testing this for the first time, it would be better to open a window that has lots of icons and/or options. This would give you a good platform to test Reachability in your iPhone X.
    2. Use Reachability

  • Swipe the Gesture Bar down. This brings the top of the opened window to the center of the screen, thus giving you easy access the icons or options that are at the upper section.

    Note: Swipe the Gesture Bar up to get back to the normal mode.

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