Laptop shutting off within a minute or so?

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  • Processors
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If you turn on your laptop and it shuts off in a few minutes most likely it will be an easy fix for you
If your willing enough to go inside your laptop you can repair it
The cooling fan is the most neglected item on most laptops. Inside the fan collects dust which clogs up the flow to cool the processor. A tooth brush will do for the heavy dust accumulated. Blow out the rest if possible. Under the processor is a very thin coating of thermal grease. It is suppose to be pliable and not dried out. If this is your case the fan needs to be cleaned and the tube also leading to the processor. The processor can be removed to so it can be serviced. Find your model on Google to see what needs to be removed first. Most just have a screw or two that holds the processor in place. All thermal grease that is old needs to be carefully cleaned away. A very thin coating is applied afterwards. Reverse these instructions to put back together
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