How to Install Vaccine for WannaCry Ransomware

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Hello everyone out there and guys looking at this tutorial. I'm gonna give you the step by step details of how to install the Vaccine for your Windows PC against the WannaCry Ransomware that is spreading all over the world at a fast rate.
This method only works with uninfected computers, infected computers can't be recovered using this method.

The Vaccine tool we are gonna install is NoMoreCry- a software that allows for (uninfected) Windows systems to be immune to this ransomware, impeding the malware's expansion.It was developed by CCN-CERT Spain.
So Let's begin with downloading the NoMoreCry vaccine tool from here. As I am writing this NoMoreCry Tool v0.4 is available.
Step 1 : I'm downloading the 2 files which we need 1. NoMoreCry-v0.4.exe and 2. NoMoreCry_mutex.

This tool has to be run everytime right after the PC was rebooted. So we will put it into Startup folder so that every time the PC rebooted the NoMoreCry tool will run automatically.
Step 2 : Right Click on the NoMoreCry-v0.4.exe and Click Create Shortcut

Step 3 :We will place the shortcut we have created into the Startup folder. Press Winkey + R to Open Run and type shell:startup . This will open the Startup folder.

Step 4 : Now copy and paste the Shortcut we have created here in the Startup folder.
Now each time the PC reboots the shortcut in the Startup folder runs the NoMoreCry Tool and it will prevent the Ransomware affecting your PC.

Note: Don't move the downloaded 2 files to another folder at this stage as the Shortcut we had created won't work. If you move those 2 files to another folder then repeat the Steps 2 to Step 4.

As the NoMoreCry Tool is regularly updated with new version periodically check the download page for newer versions.
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