How to troubleshoot hinge issues on your HP Spectre X360

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There are a few user comments about hinge issues with the HP Spectre X360. Some can be fixed at home while others cannot. If your laptop is under warranty, it makes sense to have HP fix it. If it is out of warranty, here is how to troubleshoot hinge issues on your HP Spectre X360.

Taking the cover off your laptop and messing with it voids your warranty so be aware before doing this.

Fix loose hinge on the HP Spectre X360
A few hinge issues have been highlighted by users but only one of them can be fixed yourself. If the hinge itself comes loose, usually the one on the left if you’re facing the screen, you can fix it.

You will need a T6 Torx and a small Phillips screwdriver to do the work.

1. Make sure the laptop is turned off and not connected to the mains.
2. Place the HP Spectre X360 face down on a clean work surface. It will help to have something around to keep the screws safe.
3. Remove the eight Phillips screws holding the bottom enclosure in place. The screws are two sizes, keep them organized so they don’t get mixed up.
4. Align the screen so it sits flush with the chassis of the laptop.

5. Turn the laptop over and tighten the two Philips screws in the inside of the hinge. Tighten them firmly but not overtight.

6. Repeat for the other side if necessary.

The other side is covered by the CPU heatsink. You will need to remove the four screws holding it in place and then the heat sink itself. Then you will need to use some thermal compound to reseat the heat sink should you want to do this side.

As far as I know, this is the only user reparable hinge issue on the HP Spectre X360. For anything else you will need to consult an HP authorized dealer.
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