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As the HP Spectre X360 uses standard Intel processors and RAM, it is possible to turn it into a (mostly) fully functional Hackintosh. This HP Spectre X360 Hackintosh guide will talk you through doing just that.

You will need:
• HP Spectre X360
• 16GB USB dongle
• A copy of macOS Sierra

Getting ready for the install
There is a little preparation to do before we begin installing macOS Sierra.

1. Reboot your HP Spectre X360 into the BIOS. Hit Delete when the laptop boots to load the BIOS.
2. Set all to defaults and then disable VT-d if enabled. This will be in CPU settings.
3. Disable CFG-Lock, Secure Boot Mode and IO SerialPort. These are all settings within the BIOS that you will need to find and disable using the selector.
4. Enable XHCI Handoff and USB 3.0. These two settings may already be enabled. Check to make sure.

Next we need to prepare the installer.

1. Download macOS Sierra onto a Mac.

2. Download Unibeast from here. We need this tool to create bootable Sierra media.
3. Plug the USB dongle into the Mac and launch Disk Utility.
4. Format the USB drive and select OS X Extended (Journaled) as the format. You can name the drive whatever you like, it doesn’t matter as long as the correct file format is selected.

5. Run Unibeast on the Mac. Click Continue until you get to select the Destination.
6. Select the USB drive as the destination and select Continue. This will install Sierra onto the USB drive and create a bootable media.

7. Select Sierra at the Select OS Installation prompt. This will ensure the bootloader and OS matches.
8. Select UEFI Boot Mode when you see the Bootloader Configuration screen. The HP Spectre X360 uses UEFI boot so we need this setting.

9. Select a graphics configuration when prompted and then enter the Mac password. The graphics configuration depends on what model X360 you have. Just select the most appropriate one.

Unibeast will now create bootable media. This might take a while. Once complete, move the Unibeast file onto the USB drive and plug it into your HP Spectre X360.

1. Boot your HP Spectre X360 and press F12 to select the boot option. You should see a menu showing your HP partition or USB drive. Select to boot from the USB drive.

2. Follow the installation wizard to install Sierra. You should see a similar Unibeast screen to the one visible when creating the USB drive.
3. Select Utilities, Disk Utility, highlight the hard drive you want to install Hackintosh on and select Erase. The disk will be wiped clean so make sure there is no data you want to keep still on it.

4. Select OS X Extended (Journaled) as the format option and GUID Partition Map for the Scheme. This will format the hard drive so it will work with Sierra.
5. Select Erase to begin the format. This will take a little while depending on the size of the drive.

6. Select Install macOS and follow the installation wizard. The wizard will walk you through the installation procedure. It will reboot a couple of times, this is normal.
7. Once installed, reboot and press F12 again to boot from USB.
8. Select Sierra and let the installer complete.
9. Run the Unibeast tool from the USB to complete driver installation. You will see the Sierra install complete message so select the USB drive and Unibeast to load drivers.

Once Unibeast has loaded the drivers, you should see a mostly working macOS Sierra desktop. There are still issues being addressed on the HP Spectre X360 so not everything works flawlessly. Other than that, you now have a Hackintosh machine to do with what you will!
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