What to do if your Spectre X360 won’t hold a charge

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The earlier HP Spectre X360 laptops had a few battery issues that either stopped charging when upgraded to Windows 10 or wouldn’t hold a charge for as long as they should. There have been a few new Spectre X360 laptops with similar issues. So what do you do if your Spectre X360 won’t hold a charge?

The first thing to do is to calibrate your battery using HP’s built-in UEFI tool.

Testing the HP Spectre X360 battery
HP have a built-in battery diagnostic tool that should be your first stop when troubleshooting a battery.

1. Press and hold the power button down for around 5 seconds to turn off the laptop. Let the power button go once the laptop has switched off.

2. Press the power button again to turn it on and repeatedly press F2 to enter the diagnostic tool. Hit the key once a second until the UEFI tool appears.

3. Select Component Tests and then Power.

4. Select Battery and then Run Once to run the battery test. The test will take a couple of minutes and should show you the progress on the screen.

Depending on what is wrong with the battery, it will either pass or fail the test. If it fails, note the failure ID that appears on the screen and follow the usual HP warranty procedure.

The result may tell you that the battery needs to be calibrated. A prompt should appear on the same screen as the battery test called ‘HP battery auto calibration’. Activate this to perform calibration. It will take several hours though so do it overnight or when you won’t be needing your HP Spectre X360.

You can also use the HP Support Assistant to walk you through battery testing if you prefer. It achieves the same goal but offers more support during the process.
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