How to use a Bluetooth gamepad with your Samsung Gear VR

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Many Samsung Gear VR experiences don’t require a gamepad to enjoy. Some more advanced and involved games benefit hugely from using a gamepad. Fortunately, Oculus officially supports three gamepads while others are known to work even if they aren’t officially backed by Oculus. Here is how to use a Bluetooth gamepad with your Samsung Gear VR.

The officially support Bluetooth gamepads include the Samsung El-GP20, SteelSeries Stratus XL and Moga Pro. I have also seen a Moga Hero Power and GameSir G3s used on a Gear VR too so they do work. The new Xbox One controller is also compatible according to news outlets although I haven’t seen one working. If you have one of these and want to use it with your Gear VR, here’s how.

Use a Bluetooth gamepad with your Samsung Gear VR
Each of these Bluetooth gamepads comes with their own app. This interfaces with Oculus to give you control over games. For this to work you must install that app on your handset. Then:

1. Pair your gamepad with your handset using the gamepad app.
You will obviously need Bluetooth enabled on your handset. The app will search for the gamepad and it should then appear as a paired device once found.

2. The gamepad should now appear in the app and should tell you it is ready.
For example, the Moga app tells you when the Moga gamepad is ready to use. Other gamepad apps will likely do the same.

3. Start a game using the Oculus Library and select the gamepad as the controller.

Some games will automatically pick up the gamepad and use it as the controller. Others may give you the option whether to use it or not.

Each gamepad’s app works slightly different but in much the same way. Install it, pair the gamepad, play. Long may that continue!

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