How to set up and install your Samsung Gear VR

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If you’re unboxing right now and want to know how to set up and install your Samsung Gear VR, you’re in the right place. Having recently done this very thing myself, I shall show you how to quickly get your new headset up and running so you can make the most of the immersive experience it delivers.

For setting up the fit of the Gear VR, first read ‘How to adjust and fit your Samsung Gear VR’. It will show you how to get the headset positioned comfortably.

Set up and install your Samsung Gear VR
Once you have the straps in place it is time to get the software up and running.

1. Install your handset onto the Gear VR.
Remember to unlock the handset first and make sure it is firmly held in place. You may need to change the connector on the headset. Two are included in the box.

2. Disconnect the headset when prompted by the voiceover.
This is necessary to load the software onto your handset. Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled to save your mobile data.

3. Install the Oculus software as directed on the handset.
This involves three or four steps and will install Oculus and its dependencies onto your phone.

4. Create an Oculus account when prompted.
You have to create an account and add a payment method for the Store to work properly. You will also have to verify that email address.

5. Reconnect your handset to the Gear VR and browse and use as you see fit.
You should hear a beep as you put the Gear VR on to signal that it has picked up it is being worn.

6. Hold down the back button on the right side of the headset to adjust screen brightness and other settings.

That is all there is to setting up and installing your Samsung Gear VR!

Learn more about your device and read ‘How to save battery life when using the Samsung Gear VR’. Take your experience further with ‘The best accessories to buy for your Samsung Gear VR’.

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