What is Samsung Gear VR Comfort Mode and how to use it

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Samsung Gear VR Comfort Mode is a setting that alters the warmth of the lighting within the VR experience. Depending on your eyes or taste, the neutral light setting may or may not work. Comfort Mode allows you to adjust that to be more cool or warmer depending on your needs or time of day.

To be honest, I hadn’t adjusted mine as I think the default setting is fine in movies, games and experiences. I know a couple of people who have shifted to warm setting though and say it doesn’t tire their eyes out quite as quickly. This might be useful for longer play or watching sessions. Your mileage will vary.

How to use Samsung Gear VR Comfort Mode
Samsung Gear VR Comfort Mode is a setting accessible from within the VR environment.

1. Press and hold the Back key on the right side of the headset.
The center dot should turn into a blue circle as you hold the button down.

2. Highlight Comfort Mode with the center do and tap the touchpad on the right side of the headset.
The hue should change to be warmer or bluer.

3. You should see a message saying ‘Comfort Mode: On.

My Gear VR is the newest version using the latest software and does not seem to have Comfort Mode. I had to use my buddies older version to research this tutorial so don’t worry if you cannot find the option. Simply hold down the back key and select Utilities instead and manually adjust the brightness.

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