How to adjust and fit your Samsung Gear VR

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The Samsung Gear VR may be light and comfortable but after a couple of hours of use even that will need adjusting or you will need a rest. If you can adjust and fit your Samsung Gear VR so it is as comfortable as possible, it only enhances the experience. Here’s how.

There are two straps that secure the Samsung Gear VR in place. One goes around your head and holds the headset securely on the horizontal and another goes front to back over your head to hold it on the vertical. Spending a few minutes getting the fit just right can make all the difference to your experience.

Adjust and fit your Samsung Gear VR
Both straps are secured by Velcro. While it doesn’t look too sturdy, they are more than up to the task.

1. Offer up the headset to your face and position it so it is comfortable.
Don’t worry too much about focus as that is separate. Just position the headset until it is comfortable and you have a good view of the screen.

2. Loosen and then tighten the horizontal strap until it holds the headset in place securely but isn’t overly tight.
You want the headset secure so you can move your head without dislodging the headset. Essential in some games and VR experiences.

3. Adjust the Velcro at the rear of the overhead strap so the headset sits in the position you originally set.
You want the headset to remain in place whichever way you move your head. A little slack here is fine as long as the headset doesn’t move out of focus.

4. Make tiny adjustments until it is just right.

5. Add your cell phone and use the small rotating dial on the top of the headset to focus.
Adjust the dial left and right to sharpen or loosen focus. We all have different optical centers so adjust it to suit yours. Text should be sharp in the center of the screen for correct focus.

The Velcro straps may look a little cheap but they are ideally suited for the job. Once adjusted, they offer a secure fitting for the Gear VR and the Velcro is strong enough to hold everything in place.

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