How to download and install apps for your Samsung Gear VR

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The Oculus Store is where you download and install apps for your Samsung Gear VR. It is accessible when using the headset and makes browsing and buying simple. You can browse and download using just your handset, but that defeats the object of using VR I think.

The early Oculus Store was a little clunky and slow but the current version is much better. It is smooth, easy to navigate and takes care of everything for you. Accessing your library of apps is a breeze too. You will need the Oculus software and an account to to use this guide.

Download and install apps for your Samsung Gear VR
As user experiences go, the Samsung Gear VR is definitely up there. Once you have the Oculus software installed on your Galaxy phone and a payment method set up, browsing and using it is simple.

1. Set up the Samsung Gear VR and turn it on.
You will be presented with the Oculus Home screen which is your home within VR.

2. Point the dot in the center of the screen at the Store link and tap the right side of the Samsung Gear VR headset.
The center screen should change and you will see a menu to your left and featured apps across your view.

3. Navigate by pointing the dot and tapping the touchpad. To scroll drag a finger left or right on the touchpad.

4. Select a game of application you want to download and install onto your Samsung Gear VR.
If you tap the app you should be taken to a detail screen that tells you a little more about it. Look right and select the blue button to buy or download.

Depending on whether the app is free or premium it will either just download or prompt you to confirm payment. It will then download onto your phone and will signal when ready for use.

The Oculus Store has made downloading and installing apps for the Samsung Gear VR as simple as it can be. It takes care of everything and once you have set your account up and added a payment method, everything is performed quickly.

Read this to see how to use Oculus video on your Gear VR or this to learn how to adjust and fit your Samsung Gear VR.

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