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After having used your phone for a few months, you might notice it slowing down, pausing while performing an action or freezing completely when trying to do something. It is inevitable if you’re a keen cellphone user but it is something you can easily address. Here are three ways to speed up your Android phone.

Delete apps you don’t use

If you like experimenting or trying new apps, your phone will soon become bogged down with them. Some like to take resources even when not being used so removing them goes a long way to speeding up an Android phone.

1. Navigate to Settings and then Apps.
2. Select an app to delete from the list and tap it.
3. Select Uninstall and wait for the process to complete.
4. Repeat for every app you don’t need.

Clear out your storage
1. Navigate to Downloads and delete anything you don’t need.
2. Navigate to Settings and Storage & USB.
3. Check storage used by each element and select each with a tap.
4. Delete files within each you don’t need.
5. Repeat for all elements using storage.

Clear cached data
Cached data is designed to provide fast access to app resources but can eat up valuable space on your device.

1. Navigate to Settings and Storage & USB.
2. Scroll down to Cached data and tap it.
3. Confirm to delete the cache.

After performing those three operations your Android device should now be working much faster. If you don’t notice a difference, reboot the phone and try again. Some apps need that reboot to be completely removed.

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