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If you have switched from iPhone to Android but still have a Mac, it is still possible to sync both devices fairly easily. Sure, it’s not iCloud easy but Google’s cloud services make it much simpler than it used to be. Here’s how to sync Android with Mac.

First, make sure you have enabled backups and syncing on your Android device.

1. Navigate to Settings, Accounts and then Google.
2. Ensure all the data you want to sync is enabled.
3. Force a sync if one hasn’t been done for a while by tapping email, contacts etc.

Sync Android contacts with Mac
1. Open the Address Book on your Mac and select Preferences and Accounts.
2. Select On My Mac and then Synchronize with Google.
3. Confirm, enter your Gmail account details and wait for it to sync.

Sync Android calendar with Mac
1. Open iCal on your Mac and select Preferences and Accounts.
2. Select the + icon in the bottom left of the screen to add a calendar.
3. Set account type to Automatic and complete your Gmail details when prompted.
4. Click Create and wait for the calendar to download.

Use Google apps to sync Android with Mac
Finally, as long as you don’t mind using Android apps onto your Mac you can use them to keep both devices synced. You can use the Google browser tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Google Drive to keep up to date on your Android device. To achieve that, just install Chrome on your Mac, log in and you should have access to everything your Android device has.

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