How to remove Android bloatware without rooting

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One of the first things I do whenever I get a new phone is remove all those extra apps the vendor seems to think I need. I don’t need two mail apps or three calendars. I don’t need a colored overlay when the stock Android one is plenty good enough and I don’t need processor cycles, battery time and storage wasted on stuff I don’t need. If that sounds like something you want to try, here’s how to remove Android bloatware without rooting.

Depending on the phone and your carrier, you may not be able to completely remove bloatware from your phone. For example, you cannot completely remove Samsung TouchWiz without rooting but you can minimize it as much as possible.

Disable apps
1. Navigate to Settings and then Apps.
2. Select an app you don’t want and tap it.
3. If the app is running, tap Force stop and then tap Uninstall.
4. Rinse and repeat for every app that you don’t think you’ll need.

Check apps that use resources
If you’re less about the bloatware itself and more about saving battery or memory you can check which apps are using the most resources and disable those. This isn’t something that will work as you unbox your phone but should be useful after a few hours of use.

1. Navigate to Settings and then Battery.
2. Select and disable battery hogging apps that you’re not going to need.
3. Navigate to Settings and then Memory and select Memory used by apps.
4. Select and disable memory intensive apps that you’re not going to need.

Depending on your network and device manufacturer, you may need to revisit these steps after every system update. Some organizations have an annoying habit of enabling their apps after each patch so bookmark this page if yours is one of them.

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