How to connect your Android 6.0 Marshmallow device to your PC over Bluetooth

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Bluetooth has been around for years. It is eminently suitable for narrowband applications such as connecting phones to headsets or to car audio equipment. While not capable of much bandwidth, you can share files and folders between Android and PC. If you want to connect your Android 6.0 Marshmallow device to your PC over Bluetooth, here’s how.

This guide assumes you have a PC with Bluetooth capability and that it is enabled.

Connect Android to a PC using Bluetooth
1. Navigate to the Quick Settings menu on your Android device and enable Bluetooth.
2. Navigate to Control Panel, Devices and Printers (Windows) and select Add Device.
3. For Mac, navigate to System Preferences, Sharing and enable Bluetooth Sharing. Decide how you want to handle files and whether you want to allow your Android device to browse your Mac.
4. Pair your devices by entering the code generated and confirming the connection.
5. You should now be able to browse and share files and folders between devices.

Sharing files between an Android Marshmallow device and a PC is slow and involves quite a few confirmations as files are shared. For example a simple 20Mb file can take anything up to two minutes to share between devices. Try to share a 400Mb MP4 and you may as well go and get some lunch while you wait!

Despite that, Bluetooth is a convenient way to connect two disparate operating systems and share files between them. Often overlooked, if you have a Bluetooth-capable PC, it’s an easy way to connect them if you don’t have cables, cloud storage or file-sharing apps.

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