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Android is a very good mobile OS. It’s reliable, stable and relatively error free given its power. Yet there are times when it, or an app within it gives us trouble. That’s where safe mode comes in. Whether you want to troubleshoot an app or remove malware from your device, safe mode is where you do it. Here is how to boot Android into safe mode.

1. Press the power button to bring up the reboot option.
2. Tap and hold Power off until a new menu appears.
3. Select Reboot to safe mode by tapping OK.

The device should now reboot into safe mode. You will know if it has loaded correctly as there should be a helpful ‘Safe Mode’ prompt in the bottom left corner of the screen. From here you can troubleshoot your issues in relative safety.

While in safe mode, no downloaded apps will run but the basic features of the phone should be accessible. From here you can try disabling apps, uninstalling them, performing virus scans or remove malware, whatever you need to do to troubleshoot your issue. Once finished, simply reboot normally to see if your efforts have worked.

Reboot in normal operating mode
Press the power button to bring up the reboot option.

1. Tap Power off.
2. Wait for the phone to power down.
3. Hit the power button again to boot.
4. Perform whatever tests you feel necessary to troubleshoot your issue.

Safe mode is basic but very effective as it allows a lot of freedom to uninstall troublesome apps or troubleshoot problems. It’s well worth becoming familiar with it if you like to play with your devices!

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