How to access the file manager in Android Marshmallow

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Android Marshmallow is actually the first Android OS to have its own file manager. Previous versions have depended on loading third-party managers to effectively manage your phone. While basic, the native file manager is pretty good so if you don’t want to load an app for that, here’s how to access the file manager in Android Marshmallow.

1. Navigate to Settings and select Storage & USB.
2. Scroll to the bottom and select Explore.
3. You should now see the file manager.

If you have used third-party file managers before, the native version does look quite basic. However, it does everything you need it to do such as show both internal storage and external storage, allow you to move, add or delete files and more.

• To browse files within the file manager just tap the folder.
• To select all files within a folder, long press the folder then tap the files. Tap the menu icon and ‘Select all’.
• To delete a file, select the file and then the trash icon.
• To copy a file, tap the menu button, select ‘Copy to’ and then select the destination.
• To search for a file or folder, tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right of the screen.
• To change the file manager view, tap the menu icon and select either ‘Grid view’ or ‘List view’.

The file manager in Android Marshmallow is undoubtedly basic but it does just about everything you need it to do. Now you only need install a third-party version if you’re a power user. That’s one less app to manage for the rest of us!

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