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Have a family obligation on the day of a big sporting event? Making a five-hour drive in the middle of your team’s football game? Have no fear: one of the cooler and more helpful features on Apple’s Siri is that she is capable of checking sports scores for you. This way, you can always know the score while still staying present at your family event or keeping your eyes on the road. Use the steps below to find out sports scores through Siri.

Step 1
Hold down the center home button on your iPhone to activate Siri.

Step 2
When Siri asks you what she can help you with, ask for the score you are looking for. You might say “what’s the score for the University of Michigan football game?” Or you could ask for the current score in the Chicago Bulls basketball game. Regardless of the team or sport you ask about, Siri should pull up the information you are looking for.

Step 3
If a game is currently in progress, you can continuously ask Siri the same question to get updates on the score and how much time is left in the game. This information comes from Yahoo!, so it is almost always accurate. If no game is currently being played, Siri will provide you with the result from the most recent game by the team or athlete specified. She will even recite a brief synopsis of the game’s outcome.

Believe it or not, Siri is actually a pretty big sports buff when it comes to delivering scores, statistics, and more. Just make sure you speak clearly when asking your question—especially if the team you are asking about is a bit lesser known.

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