How to Enable Touch ID in iOS 11

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Enabling Touch ID in your iOS device not only improves its security, it also makes it easier for your to pass the authentication checks needed to unlock your iDevice or make purchases from App Store or iTunes Store.
If you didn’t enable Touch ID at the time of setting up your iPhone or iPad, here’s how it can be done from within the Settings window:
  1. Get to the Touch ID configuration window
    Tap Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. This opens the Touch ID & Passcode window. From here you can set up Touch ID and set a passcode for your device, if you didn’t do it earlier.

  2. Set up Touch ID
    Tap Add a Fingerprint, rest your finger on the Home button (without pressing the button) when the Touch ID window appears, and repeatedly rest and remove your finger from the Home button when on the Place Your Finger window. This initiates the Touch ID setup process, and scans and records the prints of the middle part of your finger.

  3. Continue to the next step
    Tap Continue on the Adjust Your Grip window, continue resting and removing your finger from the Home button repeatedly, and tap Continue on the Complete window. This scans and records the edges of your finger as well, thus having a complete sample of your fingerprint. The Continue button takes you to the next window.

  4. Set a passcode
    On the Set Passcode window, type and retype a 6-digit strong passcode. This makes your device passcode protected. The passcode can be used as a secondary authentication method to unlock your iDevice, in case the Touch ID method fails.

    Note: Depending on your device’s configuration, at this point iOS 11 may prompt you to provide your Apple ID password.
  5. Enable iTunes and App Store purchases with Touch ID

  • Tap the iTunes & App Store toggle button, type your Apple account’s password in the box that pops up, and tap OK. This integrates the Touch ID authentication method with iTunes and App Store, thus allowing you to use your fingerprint as your proof your identity.

    Once your Touch ID is set up successfully, you can try downloading or purchasing any app from the App Store. As soon as you’ll tap the GET/Download button, instead of prompting for your Apple account’s password, your iDevice will ask you to touch the Home button for biometric authentication through your fingerprint.
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