How to Unlock an Android Phone if You Forget Your Unlock Pattern

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Smartphone users generally like to keep their phones protected from unauthorized access, which is why smarthphones come equipped with several security options that users can put in place to lock and unlock their phones.

One is the 4-digit pin, another is the password, another is facial recognition, and another is the popular pattern unlock. The pattern unlock consists of a grid of 9 dots arranged in a 3 x 3 set, and users draw the pattern and their phone unlocks. Sometimes people forget their pattern, so follow these few simple instructions to unlock your Android phone if you forget your pattern.
1. Continuing the pattern- Keep drawing patterns until it says too many pattern attempts.

2. Forgot pattern- After you have made too many attempts, your phone is permanently locked. It will say next or try again. Tap Next.

3. Alternate unlocking method 1- You can still unlock your phone even if you have forgotten your pattern. You will be prompted to enter your Google account information details to unlock your phone. If you can’t remember your Google account, you can answer the security question you set up with your phone.

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