How to unlock an IDE hard drive (so it can formatted and re-used)

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I bought a couple of expensive Automotive Grade hard drives on ebay that came from from MyGig RBZ nav units. I didn't know this particular nav unit uses a security code on the drive. I was planning on remimaging the drives for other MyGig models but the drive is innaccesable.

I cannot return the drives to the seller because they probably are not defective. I work on Nav systems and this is the only model I have run into that uses a hard drive security code. Like with all the Nav units, this is an 2.5" IDE drive.

I found the solution: I was able to unlock the 2 Toshiba Navigation Hard Drives so I am able to use them on other Nav systems.

-Boot into MHDD CD
-Select your drive
-Type "unlock" then provide drive manufacturer's master password.
-Type "dispwd" (to disable password protection) then provide the drive manufacturer's master password.

For example the Manufacturer Master Password for Toshiba drives is 32 spaces - yes, hit the space bar 32 times and the drive is unlocked.

Download MHDD with this link:

Then find the Master Password for you manufacturer and follow the Instruction here.

Hardware Prerequisite . . the drive has to connected directly to the IDE controller on your computer; a USB adaptor will not work. Thinkpads with IDE drives don't work because they won't boot into the MHDD CD if there is a password protected drive connected.

My final solution for a PC to run MHDD . . some 5 year old Dell workstations that use SATA hard drives still have a single IDE port on the mother board for the DVD drive. I used 3.5 to 2.5 ide adaptor availabe ebay/amazon/MicroCenter. Connected the target 2.5" IDE drive to the Dell IDE port on the motherboard.
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