How Can I Hide My Personal Files and Folders in Android?

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How Can I Hide My Personal Files and Folders in Android?

Although there are several security apps available in the android market that claim to be the perfect ones to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, the best one available out there is Audio Manager (Hide It).

Audio Manager (Hide It), is a smart app which, when installed, displays the interface of a typical and sophisticated audio manager app. With the help of the displayed interface, you can manage the volume of the device on which is installed including the ringtone volume, SMS volume, and much more.

However, the Audio Manager (Hide It), is not just an audio manager. When you tap and hold the Audio Manager logo that is displayed on the top of the interface, you will be displayed with a new interface where you must provide the pre-specified password or PIN. Once you provide the password or the PIN on the interface, an entirely new interface (app drawer) will be displayed that will have its own video folder, music folder, picture folder, settings, etc. Your personal files are kept here. If you want to access your personal files, you need to follow the steps given in this paragraph.

Now the question arises, how would you add your personal files to these hidden folders? The answer to this question is pretty simple. All you need to do is share the desired object and use the Audio Manager option while sharing. Audio Manager is smart enough to recognize the file types and it automatically saves the personal files in the corresponding folders. For example, if you have selected folder that contains video files, all the files will be saved in the Videos folder of the Audio Manager app drawer.

The hidden place where all your secret files and other objects are stored in the Audio Manager is technically called a vault.

If you want to unhide the files, you can do so by tapping and long holding the target file or any object, and selecting the Unhide option from the displayed context menu. When you do so, the Audio Manager would ask you the location where you want to place the unhidden files. You can specify any location of your choice.

Audio Manager (Hide It) can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or any other android market that is available in your country/region. Once downloaded and installed, the app will display the user instructions explaining how to use the interface. These instructions will be displayed for the very first time, and will never be displayed again. Therefore you must keep a close eye and understand the interface thoroughly in a single go to use the app with ease.
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