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Hey guys, have you ever been locked out of your smart phone? Do you see the message "Too many pattern attempts"? or "The username or password is invalid"?
Well a friend of mine did and after spending 30-40 minutes on the net I found a solution.

Here's what you do:

1. Take a deep breath (lol seriously)

2. Turn of your phone (power down etc.)

3. Wait for 20 seconds

4. Turn your phone back on and then press and hold the up + down volume button

5. Hold for at least 30 to 40 seconds

6. If this worked for your phone you should see a blue screen after 40 seconds or so

7. Select the option to "Reset" (or hard reset) your phone

8. After resetting you should see the logo of your phone

9. Leave the phone for 5 minutes or so, because it's busy resetting

10. If this worked the phone will start and you will see your home screen :) 

Hope this was helpful :)  S_Ven07 :) 

** Note: The reset does not delete your pics/ numbers etc. It just resets the phone to it's factory settings
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