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HP Pavilion 15 won't turn on, power led shows some life.

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Last response: in Laptop Tech Support
January 25, 2018 12:48:06 PM


I got a HP Pavilion 15


I dropped it yesterday. One USB port stopped working but i was still able to use the laptop. No further problems till this day...

I was trying to start it. It shows a power led when connected cable(i thought battery drained dead)

I found out to do a hard reset

Pull out battery. Pull out charge cable.
Hold power button 15-30 seconds.

It worked! I was happy

But now... It cant get working. Im trying for 3.2 hours now. (Yes i need to get it working and spending lots of time)

Hard resets doesnt work

Without charge cable so just the battery im not able to power the led at all holding power button. Pressing...

But with charge cable in and no battery it will show a constant white led if i press the power button 3 seconds led turns of 1 second and it turns back on.

When i have charge cable & battery it will be constant orange led, and i just need a single click on power button the led turns off a second then turns back on

Tryed to find out maybe a lose screw inside. When i was trying it out i made a video...

So you can understand what happens
Video 1 contains some Dutch words i posted it on Dutch forum first.

#1(with laptop disambled)

#2 (without laptop disambled)

I tryed another charger(my mom has same laptop it works fine on hers) so i used my moms charger. No difference. My moms accu. No difference

Really i cant get it to work at all. Just bought it 3 months ago from my Brother. Cant afford new one(im 17)

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January 25, 2018 1:53:51 PM

He's dead, Jim. You likely cracked or damaged a solder joint or surface mount component when you dropped it. My bets on a cracked solder joint since it was working then stopped. As for fixing it, there's the oven trick (which I don't recommend, thought others have had success). You'll have to do some research on baking the board and make that decision for yourself. Otherwise, buy a new motherboard.
January 25, 2018 2:04:16 PM

The point is, 2 days ago(not yesterday sorry for mentioning) he fell, from like half meter on a wooden floor, it hit a bit the wall(i was on bed and when i moved it away it slipped of the stand)

But the next morning, it worked without trouble,(yesterday) played arround 13 hours total yesterday on the laptop with several times i had it shutdown for a while.

Today it did it once, when i did a hard reset, it did worked for another 5 hours. then il putted it in sleep mode(closing the lit) putted it in my backpack, got my bike home. Left it in backpack a while when i was doing other things

Then i setted it up on my gaming room, and it did the same, this time hard reset didnt work.

So it did work alot after the drop thats the strange part.

If im really unable to find a solution here, i hope i find one but yeah... then im going to a friend that owns a computer store, he takes a look into it then for a friend price. He will then try to find out if there is enough power coming through or something. to determine if its the motherboard or the dc jack.

If i press the power button, my gaming keyboard with leds will give a flash of leds, it seems it doesnt get enough power to startup. the usb keyboard flashed just like other devices i tried(usb lamp, microphone that has a icon if it has power)
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January 25, 2018 2:18:22 PM

I had a friend of my mother's want me to look at her laptop after it had been in a flood. Power lights would come on, but board wouldn't boot. It was dead, replaced the board and sent the laptop back. I had a GTX780 that I'd been using for 4+ years just fine, then it croaked.

What I'm trying to say is that things happen. Going on the assumption of a solder joint, it may not have cracked all the way through. Instead, it may have started to crack, and the stress of heating up and cooling down over a day or two was enough to fully crack it. So now it's not making a connection period.

You can wait around here to see if anyone else answers, but I'm going to hazard a guess that most of the ones like myself who have dealt with damaged/defective hardware over the years will re-iterate the same point I've made, which is that board is damaged and needs to be replaced.

I highly doubt it's the DC jack because even if the jack were broke (dealt with plenty of those) positioning it by hand in the right spot would make contact with the motherboard and provide enough power to boot.
January 25, 2018 2:36:04 PM

Il let the friend look into it for sure, and if there needs a new motherboard i hope it will not way too expensive(120€+)
January 31, 2018 7:08:51 AM

Allright, he got the laptop on again..but when you turn it off after it it will not turn on again for a unknown amount of time.

So it does work..but sometimes it turns on mostly not.


Edit: The computer specialist is going to reheat some of the solder joints to make the solder flow again. He thinks its a solder joint that isnt make good connections. Due to the fact it turns on rarely but it does.


Best solution

January 31, 2018 4:53:59 PM

vurnality said:
The computer specialist is going to reheat some of the solder joints to make the solder flow again. He thinks its a solder joint that isnt make good connections. Due to the fact it turns on rarely but it does.

That's what I was trying to tell you. Generally, that's the end of the life for the board. Reflowing (properly) the solder is typically a stop-gap measure, and your mileage will very. It could fail again in a day, or hold for the rest the board's working life. I hope it works out for you, but if it goes out again, continually asking for help here isn't going to accomplish anything; you'll have to invest in a new motherboard.
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