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New laptop freezes sporadically

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December 6, 2017 7:41:24 AM

I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 15 5567. It came with Ubuntu, which I removed and replaced with Windows 10 Professional the same day.

The system has been freezing at seemingly random times, first slowing down and then quickly coming to a halt, after which a restart is necessary to unfreeze the system. Sometimes this happens a few minutes after startup, sometimes a few hours, but it always happens. Usually I am on a Skype video call when the system locks up, though this might be a coincidence since I use Skype multiple hours every day.

The system event log never shows any errors leading up to the freeze. Ram, CPU and SSD usage are all within normal values prior to the crashes. I've also made sure to install all Windows updates and keep all drivers up to date. Since the original Windows installation I've also reinstalled the OS once though during the first attempt at reinstalling, the computer froze again. This makes me believe it is most likely a hardware issue.

Lastly, I've run an extensive (16+ hours) memory test using memtest86 and no issues were found.

Is this likely a hardware failure or could it be software related still?
What other steps can I take (besides sending it back) to debug and / or solve this issue?

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