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Can I upgrade my Dell Precision M4700 CPU?

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November 18, 2017 12:57:49 AM

I presently have i7-3840QM and would like to upgrade to a more powerful and faster processor if it is compatible. I already have 32Gb RAM. If it is possible, would I also need to upgrade any other components in order to handle the upgrade?

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November 18, 2017 1:04:52 AM

1. almost no laptops can upgrade cpus or video cards
2. you have the top I7 the motherboard was designed to handle, so there is no "upgrade" to be done.

what are the reasons why you want to "upgrade" of the answer is because I am gaming, then I am sorry your looking at the wrong location on your system, your bottle necking is probably CPU and overheating like all laptops they are wonderful devices that retain heat like beasts in the sun. (see 1.)

November 18, 2017 1:10:02 AM

Thanks Paladin,

In short, I'm on the move, use the laptop for Music Production, have 3 internal SSD's - 1. Applications, 2. Audio Files & 3. Audio Files and I'm trying to avoid buying a better system.
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November 18, 2017 3:46:24 AM

"and I'm trying to avoid buying a better system"

Well if your current laptop struggles to do what you want it to do, or is simply not powerful enough, you're either going to have a to buy a better one or make do with what you've got because the key components in your laptop that determine it's performance are not upgradeable (except adding more RAM, but you're already more than well covered in that department).
November 18, 2017 5:30:33 AM

2. you have the top I7 the motherboard was designed to handle, so there is no "upgrade" to be done.

Would the M4800 motherboard be compatible - it has the capacity to increase process power from the CPU I have at the moment?


November 18, 2017 5:33:21 AM

Question from harkii : "Can I install a Dell Precision M4800 motherboard in a Dell Precision M4700 laptop?"

It seems I have ran out of upgrade options on my Dell Precision M4700 Laptop.

Best solution

January 3, 2018 2:49:25 PM

You can upgrade it to a 3940XM cpu. However, it might be better to get a new system as this cpu can easily run around $300 used
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