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Hp pavilion 15-n008so screen replacement

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September 1, 2017 7:17:56 AM

Do screen panels have some weird differences to not be compatible with eachothers, i used to switch screens to laptops aslong as the wiring and the size and stuff is correct.

My hp pavilion 15-n008so screens backlight leds have burned out on the side of the screen, and what ive been able to figure out is that its a 15.6 1366 X 768 hd led backlight slim screen with a 40pin connector, if i would buy a replacement with the exact same description from a similar laptop which isnt the same model, would it work?

Some people have raised concerns about that, and i ordered a screen to another model but similar from ebay and the picture was broken, like the screen would be broken, now im thinking that what if they just dont match?...

The new screen had only blackness on the side about 5cm, and on top the picture showed all sorts of messy colors and only a part of the image showed (looks like a laptop i dropped on the floor some years back)

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September 3, 2017 8:46:44 AM

as long as same specs & pin count then should work ok as did that with my laptop when I replaced the broken screen from 1 of the scraped laptops I have piled up from customers.
December 7, 2017 7:28:32 AM

I never got a notification that this thread had a reply, also i couldnt find the whole thread in the next day.

This is what ive done with older screens, so all the screens from similar laptops should work, which is also weird that when you look to buy a screen online, even if the screen is exactly the same, it costs more to other laptops, same store, same screens but the topic just says a different model, there is alot of different versions published by hp of this pavilion type, which all have seemingly the same screen.

The screen is still not replaced, the seller from ebay wouldnt pay for returns in advance, and i was broke at the time so the ebays return time ended, so i lost the money for that one screen, so i havent dared to order another one.

The cheaper screens in ebay cost around 50 + postage, when you find the specific screen for this specific laptop it costs 90 even though the pins and specs are the same.
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