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Windows 8 Product key not automatically found by my notebook like its supposed to automatically do when i try reinstalling it

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July 25, 2017 2:56:23 PM

Ive looked exhaustively for days and no one can tell me how to reinstall windows 8 on my hp pavilion 11 x2 notebook pc (11-h010nr) after having an issue with getting it to boot on at all i was finally able to create a usb drive that will boot it however it does not find the product key like its suposed to automatically do. I shouldnt have to purchase one since they got rid of external keys for this reason. I try restoring, resetting and advance options to fix startup but tge only progress ive made in trying to boot into windows is by reinstalling from my installation media on the usb drive. But im getting the product key to activate windows window and i dont know how to find the original one like i said the pc would not boit at all when i got it so no i didnt get the media from the pc nor do i have installation disks created by the pc and no i dont have a confirmation email containing the key either. Also i tried a temporary key and was still given the error ..."could not verify product key. Please check your installation media..." I need to know how i am to find the original key, there must be a way since i doubt i am the first person to ever get one second hand without disks or the email confirmation, or is there another way to get a temporary key that could boot windows if so what if it still cantfind the original one itself

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July 26, 2017 10:22:41 AM

This was a used system? You would need to contact the original owner or HP. There may be a key behind the battery.
July 26, 2017 9:05:08 PM

Question from wldchrrygrl : "windows 8 activation product key"

wldchrrygrl said:
I have looked all over and no one can answer my question. i have a HP 11 x2 notebook pc (11-h010nr) i got it from someone else because it wouldnt boot. i can boot it using my USB drive now and have gotten to the product key to activate windows window. so apparently it did not find the original key automatically as everyone seems to insist it will. yes it is a fact that the notebook came with windows 8 preinstalled. now because i cannot get past this screen obviously i cannot run windows or any other windows app that is what makes finding it harder. no my friend did not create the installation media when she first purchased the pc nor did she write it down anywhere nor does she have her confirmation email in which it would be contained. i do not wish to pay $50 or whatever just to be able to reinstall windows 8 (the sticker on the bottom does show its the original OS. so how can i find the windows activation product key embedded in the drive if windows recovery doesnt find it. Please HELP ME!!!!

look under the laptop it if was installed with it by hp, you should have a 2nds factory partition just for the purpose of reinstalling windows pre license OEM from HP. I do believe on HP pressing F8 or F10 during bios splash screen bring up the repair screen, and oyu should reinstall it from there, if this partition was destroyed then you lost the licensing of the hp oem laptop.

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July 26, 2017 9:32:03 PM

Select the option to skip the step and you will still be able to install windows. If the partition is destroyed, the license is not lost. Oems have records of all of their products and associated keys that shipped with them.
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