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Panda Free Antivirus strange Popup message. Is this.. normal?

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May 19, 2017 2:09:30 AM

Hey there. This may be either something insignificant, some bug or badly-written publicity, or something bad. But today earlier something really weird happened with my panda free antivirus 2016:

As you can see, it says in Spanish "No Debería". It's very vague and it can mean "I/You/He/She/It Shouldn't", which weirded me out since it makes no sense that such text appears in the antivirus popup (this is the one where they show their publicity, though). The fact that I had a virus problem a few days ago doesn't help (I did a full clean-up using several tools though, since Panda couldn't find a thing).

To make it worse, at that moment I was just playing an online game and chatting with girlfriend. We were just talking about when we'd see each other soon, so this weirded me out even more, in a somewhat ominous sense, if you believe in those things.. hah.

But I'm actually afraid that my pc has been hijacked. I can't really tell... Except for this, I haven't experienced anything strange in my pc, and I constantly check my pc for viruses and malware, but everything seems to be perfectly clean, fast and smooth.

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May 19, 2017 8:58:52 PM

I use Panda as well but that has never happened to me.
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